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Tour II Resources


Tour II Jeopardy/Ouch Question Cards

Printable Ouch Game Cards

Titles and point value cards to make Jeopardy board

Time Traveler Game Instructions

Correction for Latin weeks 1-3 – ERROR – Some of the early printings of the Tour II Tour Guide have a serious mistake. Early copies say imperfect tense – which is wrong! Please be sure you have the correct text. If not, we have provided a patch which can be glued  over the incorrect words.  (The cd is correct) A comprehensive list of more minor and errors has been compiled here.


Tree Dichotomous Key (week 6)

Botany Notes To Share-Usborn Science Encyclopedia Pages that go with Tour II Quarter 1 (a parent submitted resource- Thank you Sandra!)

Fine Arts

Gold Leaf kit Video at the DickBlick website (Week 18)

Tour II Cherubim-Initials (printable monograms)

Tour II simple initials (printable monograms)

Tour II Q3 Voice & Woodwinds – background information and links to learn about the instruments each week!

Tour II Q3 Instrument Pics – FREE printable 4 x 6 pictures of the weekly instruments to share with your students.


 Tour II Q1 and Q2 Maps – printable black line maps

Tour II Q3 Maps –

Tour II Q4 Maps 


Tour II Q2 Aesop’s Fables (Quarter 2) – Discussion guide by Julie Aggio

Horatius at the Bridge (Quarter 2) famous poem written in 1842 about the battles between the Romans and the Etruscans

Tour II Q3 Fingal’s Quest guide (Quarter 3)- by Julie Aggio