Help! My homeschool is falling behind – Catholic Schoolhouse at Home

Are you needing to add more structure to your homeschool, but don’t want the restriction of a full curriculum? We may be able to help. Catholic Schoolhouse is a great help in structuring your homeschool. Do you like to design your own curriculum, but need a framework to base it on? The Catholic Schoolhouse Tour Guide may be a big help to you. Our Tour Guide contains memory sentences, timelines and lists, but what it really contains is order. A system. Something that will propel you forward to the next topic in a sequential way.The history timeline keeps you moving, and adds topics you may not think to discuss with your children. Select books to go with the cycle, then simply memorize the time-line or add notebooking, reports, or use our colorful history cards to create an interesting time-line. The Tour guide divides the U.S. History year into weekly topics, while the World History cycles have a quarterly focus.Have you wanted to study more saints, introduce your children to great artists, and experience famous musicians? Following the history timeline for cohesiveness, we’ve done the legwork for you. A featured saint, featured artwork and artist, and musician is selected, changing twice each quarter to learn about eight composers, artists, and saints each year. A famous piece of music has even been selected to play for your students!Are you taking a literature approach to Language Arts, but worry you may miss something? Our Language memory work will give you great springboards and remind you to study everything from parts of speech to antonyms to writing a personal letter. The same is true for the math memory work. It’s great to be reminded not to forget to talk about Roman Numerals, while working through your times tables! The organization of science topics by quarter allows for you to organize your library trips and book selections around a theme. But with the help of the 3 year cycle, you won’t accidentally study spiders for a a whole year, forgetting to touch on great topics like magnetism and weather.We hope the structure, scope and sequence provided in the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour guide will bless your entire homeschool. But don’t forget the value of memorization for the developing brain. That, however is a topic for another post. God bless you and keep on schooling!

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