Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook Part 5

Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook Part 5

How many of you have pop-up birds talking to you all over the house?  I hope your kids enjoyed the pop-up bird last week, but today they’ll really be entertained by this Insect Mini-book!

First, you guessed it, review the memory work for Week 5 Science:

“Insects are invertebrates; they have six legs and three main sections:

Head, thorax and abdomen. They’re protected by an exoskeleton.”

Then listen to the CD- I love this one!

Print the Insects Lapbook Printable (Print 2 sided! Flip on the longside):

Insects Lapbook – Printable

Cut out the pages along the black lines:


Now find the page with the abdomen, thorax and head and cut out around the body parts until you get to the strait lines, then cut along the strait lines. Cut on the bold line on the  six-legs page. See the picture below:


Now put your pages together and staple.  See the pictures below to see how the book should look when it’s stapled together in order.



(Pages 1 and 2)

(Pages 3 and 4)


(Pages 5 and 6)

I love how this page reads “Insects have 3 main body parts”, then when you flip the body parts, they cover those words with “6 legs” so now it reads “Insects have 6 legs!”


(Pages 6 and 7)

Flip one more page and now it reads “Insects have 2 antennae.”


(Pages 7 and 8)

Once you have it stapled in the correct order and finish marveling at the cool insect body part pages, glue your Insect Mini-book into the lower right side of your lapbook.

Our lapbook is coming together nicely isn’t it?  Next week we have a couple pull-outs for “imposters” that look a little like insects, but really belong to other invertebrate groups that I think your kids will enjoy.  We’ll also finish off the lapbook with a nice cover and instructions for adding a binding so you can add it to your 3-ring binder for science!


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