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We will continue sharing Delena’s “Teach me Tuesday” post with you when they pertain to our Catholic Schoolhouse journey.  From Delena…

During Week 2 of Catholic Schoolhouse, I mentioned we learned about the Leonardo daVinci, his painting, “The Last Supper,” and then did a “Perspective Study” in which the boys learned the term “vanishing point.”


Flash forward to last Friday.

We were all gathered around the table playing one of my favorite games, “Dixit.”  (Seriously–just get the game.  Great for families, great for school, great for parties–whatever.  So fun!)

The game works this way:  Players all have cards with different pictures on them.  The player whose turn it is picks a card out of his/her hand, and then he/she says a word, a phrase, uses a sound, etc. to describe the card.  Everyone else then chooses a card from their hand that they think could also go with the clue given, and then the players vote on which card they think was the original player’s card.  The player should not make it so easy that everyone can guess it because everyone else will be awarded points but him/her.  The player should also not make it so difficult that everyone can NOT guess it because he/she will not be awarded points.

Anyways, P’s turn comes up, and I watch as he stares at a card.

“Vanishing point,” he says with a smile.

“Vanishing point?!”  I ask, surprised.

“Yep.  Vanishing point.”

Click here to read more from “It’s on my to-do list” She goes on to share what her 6-year-old’s interpretation of vanishing point it–it’s fabulous!

We hope you enjoy seeing the ways Catholic Schoolhouse has blessed our members.  If you have a story or lesson of your own we’d love to hear about it–and share it with everyone.


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