Classical Historian Training

John Degree of the Classical Historian is coming to Indianapolis to do a live two day seminar for teacher training. The dates are set, however, we need to determine interest before he books his flight. He will be in downtown Indianapolis for our two day live teacher training on Aug. 22 and 23. We need at least 20 participants.

Please contact Diane Fricker to let her know you plan to attend this training ASAP. or 317-459-5326

If distance will keep you from attending live there is an option for taking the training with Go To Webinar. Cost is the same with either option. Contact Diane ASAP for this option as well.

Taken from his web site is a description of what will be included. This is only a brief introduction of what will be covered in this two day training. Here is the link to his web site. We will be using John’s curriculum in our Dialectic and Rhetoric programs this year in Indianapolis Catholic Schoolhouse. 

For classroom and home school teachers of secondary students (grades 6-12)
Presenter: John De Gree
A two-day seminar plus support throughout the year.
9:00 – 4:00 (One hour break for lunch)
$79.99 (cost includes course plus materials) 

Materials include our Teaching the Socratic Discussion DVD Curriculum (a $79.99 Value)

This two-day teacher seminar provides teachers and home school parents a practical, step by step guide how to have a Socratic discussion in history and teach the analytical essay in history.  This is for the teacher or home school parent who wants their students to have meaningful, analytical discussions that stimulate the mind, promote critical thinking, and foster positive communication skills in history.  Students will be able to apply these skills throughout their lives.

Participants learn the most effective philosophical approach to stimulate and encourage young minds to be open, interested, and inspired to discuss topics in history and current events. Teachers learn the tools of the historian, how to lead an effective discussion, view and analyze students discussing open-ended history questions, and then role play as students in a discussion.  Teachers learn how to teach and assess analytical writing in history.  Seminar participants experience the type of discussion they would like their students or children to have and practice leading Socratic discussions with each other. 

A follow-up component throughout the year is available to provide participants with extra help as they use this in the classroom/ homeroom. This is an inspiring event for home school and classroom teachers.  Come learn and practice skills in a friendly environment!
The following resource materials and topics will be covered:
The Classical Historian Seminar Guide
Tools for effective listening and speaking
Reading with a purpose to discuss
The tools of the historian
How to lead a discussion on historical events
How to lead a discussion on a novel or short story
How to lead a discussion when you are not an “Expert”
How to foster discussion at the dinner table
How to have Dad enter and lead the discussion
View and analyze Socratic Discussion of John De Gree and his students
Learn how to assign and assess analytical essays in history

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