Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach


Priceless for large families!

Annie -- Lincoln, Nebraska

The beauty of CSH for a large family is that it all happens in a single day.  The art classes, science projects, field trips, music exposure, etc. could be found elsewhere, true.  But for many of us, it is beneficial NOT to have to seek each out in many different places.  All are built into a single community.  Priceless for us!

Shows our whole world is connected with our Creator!

Nina, Shippensburg, PA

You created a great product that incorporates the faith nicely into everyday subjects in a way that doesn’t make it stand out but shows how our whole world is connected with our Creator. And that is exactly what I want to teach my kids! Thanks again!

Love the CD!

King George, MD

I’ve been revving up the new upcoming school year listening to your song cds.  They are very well done!!  I love the Latin, multiples, & Catholic songs best! –Bridget

I am so thrilled with the quality of the materials

Katie, Illinois

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! We decided to go with year 3, and I have my materials in hand. I have been planning for a few days now. I am so thrilled with the quality of the materials – the feel of the paper, the artwork, the type, and the layouts are all beautiful, but the content itself really shines. I am very excited to start this journey, and with a CATHOLIC program no less! Perfection!

I pray that the Lord continues to richly bless your work, because this program has the potential to enrich our children’s understanding of both our faith and our Catholic heritage in a way I haven’t found in any other program. I am glad that I have the opportunity to go through this with them also, since I am learning much (especially about history) I wasn’t aware of.

Thank you again!

In Him- Katie, Illinois

God really is moving through CSH!

God really is moving through CSH!  I tell Renáe and our tutors that I have never seen another program that builds the teamwork, consistency, and uniformity for faith development and education among the tutors and parents the way CSH does.  I was involved 25 years ago in an amazing faith formation and camp program, but in all my work with children and teaching since, have not experienced the same thing until CSH!  Thank you!


Kansas City, KS

Catholic Schoolhouse is seriously amazing.  The whole concept about schooling all of your kids in the same areas around the table has just taken a huge weight off my shoulders.  I was so busy thinking about this next year, and what was I going to do for P in 2nd grade, but what was I going to do with D (4), and then what should I be doing with E (2) so she can differentiate between pink and purple since she clearly needs a little help in that area–it was all becoming very overwhelming…

But now…NOW I have a reason to enjoy teaching school instead of just checking it off the to-do list every morning.

And the kids are SO excited to do Catholic Schoolhouse, they are even asking ME to put the CD’s on at lunch and at bedtime–awesome.

Our Second Day

Kansas City, KS

I just had to show you this.  Today, Patrick (6) begged me to learn to draw the horse and ballerina from the Degas section of the art book.  (He had heard me telling my husband about what we would be doing in the future.)

Later in the day, his phonics book asked him to “draw a girl with curls in her hair.”

This was what he did.

🙂2013-06-12 14.08.01.jpg

And today after lunch, Dominic (4) sang, “The five kingdoms are moneran, protist, fungus, plant, and animal.”  I nearly fell off my chair.  🙂

I’m happy to report that Elisabeth (2) can now tell me that “Vinci” painted “The Last Sucker.”  🙂

Blaise (11months) has a lot of catching up to do, however, listening to the cd every night at bedtime in his room  he shares with his two older brothers probably guarantees he will be a genius, no?  🙂



Catholic Icing

We started a new co-op today that is using the Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum, and I could not sing the praises enough! It is so great to begin a co-op building on the experience, wisdom, sweat, and tears of seasoned homeschooling Catholic mothers! Why should everyone be re-inventing the wheel?

We had Chorus, Science, Memory work, and I am the Art teacher (surprise, surprise!) ;-). There’s a picture of my class making their “cave art” below.

I can’t tell you how easy it is to teach this class given that everything is already laid out- the project, supplies, history lesson, etc. Also, it all matches, so the History is from the same time frame as the Art- everything meshes! Plus, the whole family learns the same thing, so all my kiddos learned about cave art today at their own level.

I have been singing the praises of Catholic Schoolhouse all day long- it is just so great to have the guess work taken out of starting your own amazing homeschool co-op! I highly recommend it for your Catholic co-op.


Atlanta, GA

I was the Art Tutor last year, (our year ended last week- boo hoo) and I just LOVED it so much. We are moving buildings,which will give us more space, so I am recruiting more families. I just want to share this with all my friends!

Thanks for this amazing program. My boys see the history card art in various places. We were in Boston (Quincy) in Oct. and were visiting the library of John Quincy Adams, who has volumes and volumes of famous books. Anyway, my 4 yr old was tugging on my shirt, while the docent was talking and I wanted my son to be more quiet. He was persistent in the tugging, and he finally got my full attention and pointed out the “Treaty of Paris” portrait that was hanging very high up near the ceiling! The original one!



We got the Art and Science books a few days ago, and they are beautiful!

We had our first day yesterday and it went very well. Everything fell into place, ran on time, and the tutors did a wonderful job. We have 12 families now, so that took a lot of planning and co-operation. Thanks again for this amazing program. My boys were beaming with pride on the way home.