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Catholic Schoolhouse Virtual / Remote Access Questions

Curious about how Catholic Schoolhouse Remote Access can work for your family? Tell us about you, your family and your experience homeschooling. One of our Remote Access families will contact you to answer your questions.

  • Tell us how many children you seek to homeschool.
  • Tell us about your experience with homeschooling. Why do you want to homeschool your family?
  • How can we help?

Catholic Schoolhouse

Catholic Schoolhouse was founded in 2007 to enhance education in the grammar stage by providing classical memory work for the Catholic homeschool. Going beyond simple memory work, the developers enlisted experts in all areas of study and a wide variety of resources, Catholic and secular, homeschool and non-homeschool to determine what information is typically encountered during the elementary school years (K-8). 

Individual families, chapters and co-ops are able to succeed, bring family unity to teaching, and belong to a greater Catholic community with Catholic Schoolhouse.

Catholic Schoolhouse is loyal to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach