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Posted at the beginning of the pandemic, this applies whenever life throws you a curve. In your one-room schoolhouse, you always have options–when the unexpected happens, be flexible!

Seize the opportunity to do something that is truly special – circle the wagons, rid your world of distractions and be a family. Your children are learning so much more than academics – let the lesson they learn be the one you desire.

Try a new approach to your educational plan.

Memory songs and the written text can be accessed by subject, by week, or by custom playlist created by you! Play your favorite songs… or review an entire subject… All with your customized playlist!

This is also an opportunity for “soft skills.”

These are not curricula. Puzzles teach observation, patience, concentration, and communication. Board games teach cooperation, patience, and losing gracefully. Sitting in the yard watching clouds gives time for imagination, allowing the child to know themselves. All these are essential classical skills, Most of all, hone the skill of observation. Slow down. Look. What do you really see?

Put on a family play, make a movie for Grandma and Grandpa who miss you. Draw what you see out the window each morning… and read. 

You are the sum total of everything you put into your mind.

During a challenge, how you put things in your minds may alter from traditional school. TV can teach.

Right now, TV can fill your children’s mind with knowledge and values, if you have a good list of what is watchable when parents are distracted. A simple “must be holy or educational” may be enough – then watch their rhetoric skills grow as they try to convince you that Star Wars for the 105th time is educational and holy! 

And play the CSH music.

Dance to it, exercise to it, fill the air with it. You will be amazed when you emerge to our new world how everything your kids have learned will rapidly propel them to academic success!

*Share these tips and the CSH classical memory app with your friends who are suddenly homeschooling. I pray it helps them in some small way.

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Memory songs and the written text can be accessed by subject, by week, or by custom playlist created by you! Play your favorite songs. . .or review an entire subject . . . All with your customized playlist!

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You’re Ready to go!

  1. Download Tour I, II, or III. All Tours included in your subscription!
    • After the initial download, all data is stored on your phone allowing the use of your app without access to data or fees.
    • Switching Tours requires download of new data.
    • Each time you switch Tours, the old Tour is removed from your phone, freeing up storage space. This design is intentional for the many, many of us using phones with limited data storage.
    • Downloading a Tour takes a few minutes–will be fastest if connected to high-speed data
  2. Select either by week or by subject.
  1. Click the star to automatically add all of that week or subject to your playlist.
  2. Click the words to select songs for a custom playlist.
  3. Go to the playlist to play.*
    1. Click the song you’d like to begin with–the player will automatically scroll through your entire list.
    2. Click Player at the bottom of your screen. The player will allow you to pause, skip, repeat, as well as display the text to the song being played.
    3. *Note that you must create a playlist before any music will play.
  4. Add and delete songs from the playlist
    1. When viewing Track Listing, stars turned yellow indicate a song is in your playlist. A partial star represents a partial week or partial subject.
    2. In Track Listing: Click the stars to remove entire week or subject form your list. By subject is the fastest way to clear all.
    3. In Playlist: Click and hold the song to delete from the list. Note: The song will play as soon as you touch it, so adjust your volume. Go to Player and click back arrow to stop the player.

Our next upgrades as funding is available are:

  • Multiple playlists for multiple students
  • Addition of history card images and information
  • Interactive quizzing platform

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