Hands-On Science

Science experiments focus on hands-on and observations of real science. These correspond with the memory work while also working to develop observation and scientific skills. Written for small groups, yet very suitable for at-home use, especially with a multi-age family where all can join in together.

Our science stays with a topic for an entire quarter, making it easy for the parent to build at-home curriculum using the guide topics as a springboard. The topics covered are those studied in a typical elementary education, helping to prevent holes in your students science education. In a CSH chapter, a dedicated science tutor is able to prepare more thoroughly and bring inspiration to the students.

Our science topics include:

  • Tour I – Zoology, Weather, Human Body, Electricity & Magnetism
  • Tour II – Botany, Chemistry, Astronomy (Space), Sound & Light
  • Tour III – Ecology, Geology(Earth Science), Physics(Physical Science), Nutrition & Health

Visit our store to see samples or purchase. Remember, no need to purchase if you are a registered chapter. You will receive two free copies for your tutor and director.