Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach



If you are a chapter member, you know how great it is having the support of your community.  This portal will take you to the following sites available to you.


Catholic Schoolhouse chapters meet in cities throughout the US, learning together in an academic setting,  with the primary goal of sharing Catholic culture.

Because Catholic Schoolhouse is based on memory work, families can come together in an academic setting while still being allowed the flexibility they want to develop their own education program at home. The open format allows students enrolled in other programs to participate alongside those structuring their at-home school around Catholic Schoolhouse.

Catholic communities encourage one another and add a layer of motivation and accountability to students. Our Super Scholar award program rewards and motivates the students. Additionally, classical music, complete art program and hands-on science activities create a fun environment. Presentations, field trips, end of semester showcase performances and quarterly mom’s and dad’s nights round out our program.

Unity in the family continues with a completely integrated program for our older students in the dialectic and rhetoric stages. Coming together for those activities best done in a group we strive to develop our students int effective Catholic adults – able to communicate and recognize the true, good and beautiful.

If you would like more information about forming or joining a registered Catholic Schoolhouse chapter, please visit our chapter page.