Tour 2: Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide – Beta Version


Catholic Schoolhouse’s Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide Companion Printables complete the Pre-Grammar program to provide interactive homeschool group activities for the whole family.  

Written exclusively for our Catholic Schoolhouse classrooms, Pre-Grammar Teacher Guide is now available for your one-room schoolhouse at home. Pre-grammar activities build the foundation for success in the Catholic Schoolhouse Grammar program with a focus on virtues, attention, exploration, and good habits.

Interactive group activities for the whole family including welcome song, morning meeting, virtues, saint activities, weekly questions, read-aloud lists, sensory activities, printables, and more. Topics are selected from the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2 Tour Guide. Add CSH Art and Science for expanded activities that can involve your whole family.

Includes an 18-page teacher handbook with methods and tips to help you succeed and become the homeschool teacher you want to be. Spiral-bound on heavy paper for durability and ease of use.

Be sure to also purchase the Pre-Grammar  Companion Printables.

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