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Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach



Atlanta, GA

Catholic Schoolhouse really is the best Homeschool activity we have participated in… THANK YOU for all you do.

First year in Catholic Schoolhouse

Laura - St. Augustine, FL

In my reflection on this year, I know I stayed more focused: I loved the peer accountability for my kids (and myself) all year. The community-feel has been a real blessing to my family- especially my teen girls.

Resources for Directors have been Extremely Helpful

Sara - Harford, MD

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Kathy and company for all of the resources that are available to directors.

We are a brand new, fairly large chapter (40 kids, all three levels) and only one family (mine) has ever participated in a co-op of this type.

Getting this thing off the ground has been a massive project, but the resources here, in the training webinars and on the director’s site have been extremely helpful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m Awe Struck by it All

Toni - Indianapolis, IN

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for asking about my first week for our chapter.
I’m always amazed by it. All the details that go into getting that first day off the ground are incredible. Once chorus is over and kids are all in their classes, nursery kids are playing outside and I sit back and just watch I’m awe struck by it all.
We have 4 grammar classes that are full with 47 kids. The nursery has 12 kids and 3 workers. Dialectic has 12 and rhetoric has 6. That is 77 kids which includes the nursery and 25 families. We are blessed beyond measure with loving families and creative mom’s who contribute (as you know)
We already have our 4th meal train of the year going. Two of our mom’s had babies, a new mom is having surgery this week, hysterectomy and she has 5 sons and they were kind to start a meal train for my family while I’m with my Dad a lot this week and next.
As I’ve said before, Thank you for your vision and development of CSH. It has blessed our little community beyond measure, and so many more communities across the country.

Look, Mom it’s Catholic Schoolhouse

My kindergarten girl was just doing a dot to dot when she declared mom, it’s Catholic School House, oh I can’t wait to start. Yeah!

{picture of Margaret coloring red school house]


How beautiful! It amazes me how many connections kids notice when given the material and opportunity!



Praises for Catholic Schoolhouse Upper Level

We finished our week 24 today and I happened upon a conversation between my Rhetoric tutor and another Mom.

Thankfully, I overheard this. My tutor can be very humble and I don’t think she would have shared this with me on her own.
She mentioned, she has been teaching in some capacity for 30 years. Her daughter is now 15 and she has worked all these years in all types of education settings. Preschool, through high school classrooms, special ed, tutoring, etc..
She stated, “This has been the most enjoyable year of teaching she has ever had.” She attributes most of it to the coursework of CSH and how it is integrating all the subjects fluidly together. She says she has never experienced curriculum doing that before. 
I told her I wanted to be sure to share this info with Kathy. 
It’s so exciting to see the older kids doing well in CSH with a course made just for them, yet it still blends with the overall topics of their younger siblings. Thank you from Indianapolis CSH for all the work you are putting into the upper level. For me, and many other Mom’s like me, I have a student utilizing it as he is finishing up his High School years, yet look forward to his younger sister reaching the upper level in 5 years and what it will look like at that time. 

Chapter Running Smoothly!

Marie - Green Bay, WI

All three prospective families who visited will join us. That’s kudos to you and all who make Catholic Schoolhouse materials. The new families were really impressed with the content and routines we have; one family said she was amazed that we had only been running this program for one semester—it seemed like we had all of our routines down pat and were well established. Thank you for helping us get started 🙂

Shows our whole world is connected with our Creator!

Nina, Shippensburg, PA

You created a great product that incorporates the faith nicely into everyday subjects in a way that doesn’t make it stand out but shows how our whole world is connected with our Creator. And that is exactly what I want to teach my kids! Thanks again!

Love the CD!

King George, MD

I’ve been revving up the new upcoming school year listening to your song cds.  They are very well done!!  I love the Latin, multiples, & Catholic songs best! –Bridget

I am so thrilled with the quality of the materials

Katie, Illinois

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! We decided to go with year 3, and I have my materials in hand. I have been planning for a few days now. I am so thrilled with the quality of the materials – the feel of the paper, the artwork, the type, and the layouts are all beautiful, but the content itself really shines. I am very excited to start this journey, and with a CATHOLIC program no less! Perfection!

I pray that the Lord continues to richly bless your work, because this program has the potential to enrich our children’s understanding of both our faith and our Catholic heritage in a way I haven’t found in any other program. I am glad that I have the opportunity to go through this with them also, since I am learning much (especially about history) I wasn’t aware of.

Thank you again!

In Him- Katie, Illinois

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