What Else Should I Use?

What Else Should I Use?


Catholic Schoolhouse is designed to be flexible and work with a variety of curricula. You, the home teacher, are the best expert there is to choose resources for your students, and we encourage you to explore and try new things.

Because many families have requested ideas, we have put together this list of possibilities for you.  In addition to this list, the Catholic Schoolhouse Blog posts have ideas, activities, AND recommended books that go with each week of the tour guide.

Don’t be confused! You don’t NEED any of the books below to successfully use Catholic Schoolhouse in your home.  The curriculum is designed to integrate whatever books you already have on the subjects into your homeschool.  If you already have an encyclopedia set, use it! If you already have a nice book about space, use it!  We compiled some of our favorite ‘extra’ books into the list below. If you’re a family starting from scratch, you have some guidance in building your library!

(The links below are affiliate links.  If you purchase a book using these links, Catholic Schoolhouse will receive a small portion of that sale.  It does not increase the cost to you in any way.  Thanks!)

Tour 1

Catholic School House Tour 1 Enhanced Package

Tour 2

Catholic Schoolhouse tour 2 Enhanced Package

Tour 3

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 3 Enhanced Package

(a lot of these are the same for each year- the core subjects can use the same series of material)


What your ___ Grader Needs to Know, by E.D. Hirsch

2-8 The Story of the Western civilization, book 4 by Alan Riese (Q1)

Child’s History of the World, Ch. 62-91 by V.M. Hilyer

Language Arts

Grammar-Land by M.L. Nesbit (free from google books)

Primary/Secondary Language Lessons by Emma Serl

American Cardinal Readers, by grade level

All About Reading

All About Spelling


Sir Cumference Adventures by Cindy Neuschwander

Penrose the Mathematical Cat Adventures by Theoni Pappas

K-5 Singapore Math

6-8 MEP Math

Algebra/geometry by Jacobs


What your ____ Grader Needs to know, by E. D. Hirsch

Real Science 4 Kids

Biology4kids.com (Q1)

How the Earth Works by Michael allaby (Q2)

My Temple of the Holy Spirit (Catholic Heritage Curricula (Q3)

Physics4kids.com (Q4)


Musician stories by Opal Wheeler


Artist Stories by Ernest Raboff


For young Readers- In the Footsteps of the Saints series (see Marys Books)

The Man who Limped into Heaven (about Saint Ignatius) (Mary’s Books)

For older Readers- Books by Mary Fabian Wyndeatt and Vision Books


Baltimore Catechism

King of the Golden City (Catholic Heritage Curricula)

Classical Languages

English from the Roots Up, by Joegil Lundquist

What are your favorite resources?

Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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