Tour 3: Resources

Welcome to Catholic Schoolhouse!

We know, whether you are part of a registered chapter or using Catholic Schoolhouse on your own in a domestic schoolhouse that additional resources can enhance your journey at home.

Printables Good for All Catholic Schoolhouse Tours

History Timeline Notebooking Page

Music Notebooking for younger students

Music Notebooking page older students

Memory Work Ideas

Week-by-Week Ideas

Weekly blog posts, by our much loved Kristen, will get your creative wheels turning. Consider this a toolbox and use the ideas which your family loves.  Tour 2 Weekly Blog Posts for week-by-week ideas, printables, links, and games. All free to support your at-home schoolhouse!

Lesson Plan Samples

Tour 3 Grammar Lesson Plan Samples – View here


Ten Commandments song from the Tour III CD


Complete set of 10 Commandment Garland flags

Fine Arts

Tour III Art Printable Master Supply List 3-9-16 This is the new format for the supply list in Tour III Art. If you have an older edition of the book, you may find this more convenient.


CSH Blank maps – Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3 – Quarter 4

Alternate maps by K. Krull – Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3 &  4


The Microscope Printable worksheet to label the parts of the microscope (Tour III Week 3)

Microscope thumbnail