Why Catholic Schoolhouse?

Why Catholic Schoolhouse?


Joy as you experience your family homeschooling . . . together! 


Family unity, togetherness, and joy are at the heart of everything we are and provide at Catholic Schoolhouse.

  • Memory work. Our memory work will propel your kids to the next stage, creating pegs that stay with them for a lifetime.
  • Family unity — bring unity to your homeschool by teaching the same topics at each child’s level and watch the joy return.
  • Great songs. all our memory work is set to catchy tunes all ages will love.
  • Trustworthy scope and sequence. Catholic Schoolhouse goes beyond memory work; it’s a foundation to build a true one-room schoolhouse for your entire family.
  • Grows with your family. Our upper level (dialectic and rhetoric) programs continue the family unity begun in the grammar stage–keeping your family together through high school.
  • Save money. with resources used for several children–and the extensive free resources provided, Catholic Schoolhouse is budget friendly!
  • Belong. With our in person and virtual community support, you are never alone.


There are many homeschooling memory work programs available; at Catholic Schoolhouse everything was developed with a Catholic worldview, assuring that your family is immersed in their faith at every turn.

“Catholic Schoolhouse doesn’t teach religion, we are religion--virtue and faith is woven through all we do.”

-Kimberly, Columbus, OH


The Catholic Schoolhouse program of Memory Work gives you the flexibility you need to learn the way your family learns best.

“With Catholic Schoolhouse memory work, we were able to keep up and keep going through the birth of our twins.”

Catholic School House Tour 1 Core Program


Catholic Schoolhouse allows you to stay in control, making our learning plan accessible, no matter your family size or circumstance. You can do it!

Catholic Schoolhouse is seriously amazing! The whole concept about schooling all of your kids the same areas around the table has just taken a huge weight off my shoulders... NOW I have a reason to enjoy teaching school instead of just checking it off the to-do list every morning.

-Delena, Kansas City, MO

“[The Catholic school’s] task is fundamentally a synthesis of culture and Catholic faith, and a synthesis of faith and life: the first is reached by integrating all the different aspects of human knowledge through the subjects taught, in the light of the Gospel; the second is the growth of the virtues characteristic of the Christian.”
-Vatican II, Declaration on Christian Education, 37

Catholic Schoolhouse

Catholic Schoolhouse was founded in 2007 to enhance education in the grammar stage by providing classical memory work for the Catholic homeschool. Going beyond simple memory work, the developers enlisted experts in all areas of study and a wide variety of resources, Catholic and secular, homeschool and non-homeschool to determine what information is typically encountered during the elementary school years (K-8). 

Individual families, chapters and co-ops are able to succeed, bring family unity to teaching, and belong to a greater Catholic community with Catholic Schoolhouse.

Catholic Schoolhouse is loyal to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach