Integrated Art Program

Integrated Art Program

Catholic Schoolhouse Art Program presents art history, projects, and skills integrated into a stand-alone art program usable with any curricula. Use as an art program at-home homeschooling activity guide, in your co-op, or with your Catholic Schoolhouse Chapter. Suitable for all ages, bringing family unity to art education. YOU can teach art!

Each year, we cover featured works of art to correspond to the historical time period studied – aligning with the Catholic Schoolhouse timeline. Over the three year cycle, the students will be exposed to 24 great artists and become familiar with their style, school, or movement. 

Students increase proficiency in the seven elements of art through guided projects inspired by these great masters. A variety of media are used to expose students to a breadth of art techniques, materials, and new experiences. Printables and indexed supply lists makes gathering supplies easy.

Registered Catholic Schoolhouse Chapters receive complete lesson plans for our integrated art program. Each year ends with an an in-class art gallery which features the art of the artists studied that year, allowing students to use their newly gained art appreciation skills to analyze and identify the works. A designated art tutor teaches all the levels of art.


Tour 1 Art Program

American Art

Tour I begins U.S. history with the study of early Americans by making Native American sand art, followed by making and painting pottery.

Tour 1 has a special emphasis is on drawing skills and the 7 elements of art art – line, shape, color, form, space, texture, and value.


  • Native American Art
  • Hudson River School
  • John James Audubon
  • Pioneer Quilts
  • Winslow Homer
  • Mary Cassatt
  • Alexander Calder
  • Eric Carle

Tour 2 Art Program

Ancient through Medieval Art

Tour 2 Catholic Schoolhouse Art Program, we journey through the development of art beginning in ancient times. Tour 2 has a special emphasis on the historical development of art through the ages, including Hebrew and Catholic art.


  • Minoan Frescoes
  • Egyptian Art
  • Greek Architecture
  • Early Christian Art
  • Icons
  • Gothic Cathedrals
  • Fra Angelico
Catholic Schoolhouse Free Art Curriculum Sample


Catholic Schoolhouse’s Art Program allows you to explore art while immersing your family in catholic history and culture. 

Try 3 FREE art projects from Art Tour 2 – Medieval Art Unit for Quarter 3B.

  • Doodling with Flair – illuminated manuscripts
  • Illuminated Monogram – sacred manuscripts
  • Oiled Paper Stained Glass – imitation of the Rose window of Notre Dame

Tour 3 Art Program

Renaissance through Modern Art

Tour 3 Catholic Schoolhouse Art Program study focuses on painting techniques and principles of design.

Learn the great masters featuring:

  • Leonardo DaVinci
  • Albrecht Durer
  • El Greco
  • Rembrandt
  • Francois Millet
  • Edgar Degas
  • Vincent Van Gogh

Catholic Schoolhouse

Catholic Schoolhouse was founded in 2007 to enhance education in the grammar stage by providing classical memory work for the Catholic homeschool. Going beyond simple memory work, the developers enlisted experts in all areas of study and a wide variety of resources, Catholic and secular, homeschool and non-homeschool to determine what information is typically encountered during the elementary school years (K-8). 

Individual families, chapters and co-ops are able to succeed, bring family unity to teaching, and belong to a greater Catholic community with Catholic Schoolhouse.

Catholic Schoolhouse is loyal to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

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