Tour 2 Resources

Printables Good for All Catholic Schoolhouse Tours

History Timeline Notebooking Page

Music Notebooking for younger students

Music Notebooking page older students

Memory Work Ideas


Tour II Jeopardy/Ouch Question Cards

Printable Ouch Game Cards

Titles and point value cards to make Jeopardy board

Time Traveler Game Instructions

Correction for Latin weeks 1-3 –  Some of the early printings of the Tour II Tour Guide have a mistake. Early copies say imperfect tense – which is wrong! Please be sure you have the correct text. If not, we have provided a patch which can be glued over the incorrect words.  (The cd is correct) A comprehensive list of more minor errors has been compiled here.


Click here to print a simple Giotto crucifix


Tree Dichotomous Key (Week 6)

Botany Notes To Share-Usborn Science Encyclopedia Pages that go with Tour II Quarter 1 (a parent submitted resource- Thank you Sandra!)

Fine Arts

Gold Leaf kit Video at the DickBlick website (Week 18)

Tour II Cherubim-Initials (printable monograms)

Tour II simple initials (printable monograms)

Tour II Q3 Voice and Woodwinds – background information and links to learn about the instruments each week!

Tour II Q3 Instrument Pics – FREE printable 4 x 6 pictures of the weekly instruments to share with your students.


 Tour II Q1 and Q2 Maps – printable blackline maps

Tour II Q3 Maps 

Tour II Q4 Maps 


Tour II Q2 Aesop’s Fables (Quarter 2) – Discussion guide by Julie Aggio

Horatius at the Bridge (Quarter 2) famous poem written in 1842 about the battles between the Romans and the Etruscans

Fingal’s Quest guide (Quarter 3)- by Julie Aggio