Tour 2 Errata

 The Tour II Tour Guide you are using this year is the first release of a brand new edition, so additional little things continue to be found. Printing in small batches has allowed us to make many of these corrections already, so most of you already have updated copies.

Tour Guide

Mistakes we have found and repaired (In all instances except W18, the cd is correct):

  • Week 1-3 Latin – This should say, “present tense, 1st conjugation.”  If it says “Imperfect tense” print this file: Correction for Latin weeks 1-3, cut and paste to fix your Tour Guide.
  • Week 1: History Song Lyrics – The last line – its should not have an apostrophe, as it is possessive, not a contraction.
  • Week 2: History song Lyrics – The word “called” is omitted in the transcription of the history song lyrics. “The second was called the Middle…”
  • Week 3:  History song Lyrics – Chang should be Shang, also, “These are the Chinese dynasties.”
  • Week 7: Geography – Germany, Rhine River, and North Sea were omitted from the list.
  • Week 9:  Language Arts – “An adverb modifies a verb or adjective by telling how, when, where, or to what extent.” The following note has been added: *advanced grammarians will note that adverbs also modify other adverbs, especially when telling to what extent. A new song has been made for Year 3.
  • Week 11: Geography – Kosovo should be removed (it is in Week 12) Tiber River should be added.
  • Week 13: Math – Roman numeral D = 500, not 100
  • Week 17: Geography – add Zagros Mountains
  • Week 18: Math – 1 is not considered a prime number. 
  • Week 19: Science – Speed of light numbers are reversed.  Listed as 168,000 miles per second…should be 186,000 miles per second.
  • Week 22: Science – Speed of sound, Mach I listed as 770 mph…later additions include the note  *this is an approximation, the speed of sound varies with temperature and other factors. A quick internet search will show many answers, in this case we have gone with the one used historically by most educators, not Wikipedia 🙂
  • Week 22: History – The dates of the Crusades are inconsistent between the Timeline song (1095-1291) and the History Statement song (1094-1291). 1094, 1095, and 1096 are all found as the beginning of the crusades. The Building of Christendom by William Carrol cites 1095, as does Encyclopedia Britannica. This is a good opportunity to discuss with your families the challenges historians face getting accurate dates for events far in the past, and syncing them all to our calendar numbering system.
  • Recorder Lessons: to play a C, cover the LH thumb and LH middle finger.

History Cards:

# 26 – Samson is spelled Sampson and Samson. Samson is correct, with no “p.”
#113 – Simon de Monfort has not been declared a saint. The St. should be removed.


  • Week 18 – Math: 1 is not a prime number. The technical explanation is that prime numbers are defined as having two factors, and since 1 and itself are not two separate numbers, 1 does not fall into the category of “prime.” The song is being fixed and will be available for free download on the Resource tab when it is available. Marie from Green Bay suggests that if you have the old version, teach your children to clap in place of the 1–they’ll be reinforcing the concept while learning the correct list!

Ancient through Medieval Art:

  • The art in the intro of the cave art section is from the Cueva de las Manos, Some copies say Cueve.
Thank you so much for your understanding. We continue to strive to bring you the highest quality materials possible. We appreciate notification if you find anything else. This is a huge project, and many hands have made it better!
This page will be updated as the year goes on if additional issues are found.