Benefits to Kids

Catholic Schoolhouse Benefits to Kids

Children in a Catholic Schoolhouse Community develop relationships with other homeschooled children. Because of the dependable and engaging contact, our kids have done much more that just become friends. Here are some examples we’ve witnessed:

  • Consistent Peer Group.  Regular attendance by families with skin in the game–thanks to the cost structure!
  • Positive peer pressure to study harder. May I learn cursive? The other girls all write in cursive. –Therese, 2nd grade
  • Studying the same topics as their friends allows sharing of newly acquired knowledge. After our geology unit several 3rd graders formed their own rock collecting club.
  • Students inspire one another. Joe and Tyler regularly share books they are reading, now many of their classmates are inspired.
  • Giving oral presentations. Mark was extremely shy, and now, with the encouragement from his peers and tutor, he is able to effectively give a presentation.
  • Challenge one another. The students notice, and reach for, the quality of work of the other students.
  • Chorus – Singing in a group is a source of joy for the children.
  • Playground Time. Kids like to have fun–and look forward to this.
  • Band, Speech or Debate. Older kids get new opportunities to expand their experiences.
  • Performance opportunities. End of semester programs give students the experience of “being on stage” helping them to grow.

Catholic Schoolhouse

Catholic Schoolhouse was founded in 2007 to enhance education in the grammar stage by providing classical memory work for the Catholic homeschool. Going beyond simple memory work, the developers enlisted experts in all areas of study and a wide variety of resources, Catholic and secular, homeschool and non-homeschool to determine what information is typically encountered during the elementary school years (K-8). 

Individual families, chapters and co-ops are able to succeed, bring family unity to teaching, and belong to a greater Catholic community with Catholic Schoolhouse.

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach