Catholic Schoolhouse Music goes digital!

We have some exciting news- Catholic Schoolhouse music is going digital!

If you’re new to Catholic Schoolhouse and haven’t heard about our music, then you’re missing out!  ALL of the memory work in the Tour Guides have been set to catchy (sometimes TOO catchy) music, providing an excellent way to ingrain that memory work in your student’s (and your own) brain.  It’s been proven that music helps with memorization, and utilizing the CSH music is so helpful in mastering the Tour Guides’ information.

Catholic School House Tour I Memory Work CD

We’ve had so much good feedback about our awesome music, and our families are looking for it in other formats/places.  Since so many of us are getting rid of CD players in exchange for i-tunes, amazon, and basically digital music from our phones/devices, Catholic Schoolhouse is excited to be transitioning our music over to digital versions!  CDs will still be available for us ‘old school’ homeschoolers, but a digital format will be available too!

As a first step into this ‘new world’ we are offering all of Tour I Science in Amazon and on itunes.  They are available for purchase today! To find it in itunes, search Science Music for Memory Catholic Schoolhouse, and you’ll find it!

Since we are well into Tour I this school year, our next steps will be to digitize all our Tour II in preparation for the next school year.  The digital music files will be divided up into quarters for Tour II, just as they are for the CDs.  So for example, all of Tour II Quarter 1 will be one downloadable file, just as Quarter 1 is it’s own CD.

We at Catholic Schoolhouse are so grateful for your continued feedback, which has helped this ministry be a blessing to many families throughout the US.  Your feedback has helped us meet your needs better and allowed more families to experience the educational fun of Catholic Schoolhouse.

Thank you and may God bless your homeschooling!

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    • Because of the distribution through itunes and the similar venues, the digital will be available for purchase separately through those stores.

  1. I’m a little late to the game. I did Tours II and III a few years ago when we had a co-op, but considering picking it back up for at home instruction next year. My CDs are trashed after all the wear and I use my AmazonMusic subscription for EVERYTHING. I see all of Tour II is there. Will Tour III be put up on Amazon and iTunes in time for next year? Because that would solidify it for me that I will take the dive back into CSH if that is the case.

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