Water and Land Forms Lift the Flap Activity

Water and Land Forms Lift the Flap Activity

This is a post by Kristen Rabideau.

My daughter loves crafting on her own, and she came up with this great idea of making lift the flaps for the water and land forms in Week 3 of every tour.  I adapted her original idea and made it into a free printable for you all!

First download and print the two page printable:  Water and Land Forms lift the flap Printable on cardstock if you plan to use markers, or regular paper if you plan to use crayons or color pencils.

Next color them!  The first page should look like this:

Then color and cut out the flaps on the second page, they should be green on one side and blue on the other, except for the Island/Lake flap which has a small section of the opposite color:

Next tape them down along the border between water and land on the first page like so:

And flip them over the water, and tape again to reinforce the flip/flap:

Now label them! (or not if you want to use it for quizzing)


Now have fun flipping the water and land forms to see the different ways water and land can meet, and what they’re called. I have to give the creativity credit to my daughter on this one.  She often crafts on her own in the evening and then leaves me surprises on my pillow and this is what she made Tuesday after our CSH Chapter day:

I just had to adapt the concept into something you all could enjoy too!  Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week of CSHing!




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