Celebrate Pi Day with a Math Song

Celebrate Pi Day with a Math Song

Free Pi Song for Homeschoolers from Catholic Schoolhouse

Teaching math can be fun when it comes to pi (rounded to 3.1459). Our Catholic Schoolhouse musician team created this memory work math song just for your students.

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s “periphery” or circumference to its diameter. The definition of pi gives us a way to calculate the circumference of a circle.

Did you know?
The Greek letter π is the first letter of the word periphery and perimeter.

It may be helpful for your family to make pi artwork or lapbook with interesting facts.

Combining two memorization methods together will ensure your children learn this math concept!

Note: This song appears on our Catholic Schoolhouse CDs Tour 2 Quarter 2 – Be sure to share with other homeschooling families.


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