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Upper level programs

A great blessing is that Catholic Schoolhouse is a program for your entire family. Creating one-stop-shopping for parents simplifies your family’s schedules, allowing for more time at home.  In the upper level, family unity remains paramount while we focus on is growing our students to become active, Catholic citizens.

Three focus areas help to achieve a well-rounded program:

  • Communications – Learning to write and speak well. Includes IEW, Lost Tools of Writing, Speech, and Latin inspiration
  • Focus Classes – Taking a few things off of the parents plate!
    • Integrated Fine Arts – subject that often gets dropped as we get focused on college and credits, but probably the most valuable for finding the true, good, and beautiful and showing the interactions between subjects–an essential part of a classical education.
    • Science Labs (dialectic ony) – takes the messy off you plate, plus gives you student exposure to a science teacher that can inspire.
    • Credit Rigor Course (rhetoric only) – Give students a chance to earn an outside credit with deadlines and homework. One half credit courses rotate between US government (Tour I), logic (Tour II), and economics (Tour III).
  • Seminar – Promotes interaction among students on an intellectual level. Sharing ideas and plenty of time for talking and discussion meets the needs of developing teens. Includes, book discussions, projects and timeline (dialectic), church document discussion and Socratic Seminar (rhetoric)

T2 Dialectic Overview 2-2 -18

T2 Rhetoric Sample Course List 2-2-18

T2 Rhetoric Overview 2-2-18

Upper Level Intro

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