Thinking of a homeschool band or orchestra for your group?

Many groups think that a homeschool band or orchestra is beyond their reach.  Or, they may have families that wonder why they should invest in music if their children don’t plan to become musicians.  Well, many kids play soccer who never plan to become professional soccer players!  Music has so many benefits, and playing in an ensemble is a valuable learning experience.

WHY participate in Band or Orchestra?

  • Music provides lifelong enjoyment
  • Music develops mental and physical abilities
  • Music develops cooperation/teamwork!Music helps kids learn to follow instructions
  • Music improves self-expression
  • Music provides unlimited opportunities
  • Music is FUN!
“Music is such a benefit to have in one’s life – especially for the young people in our technology age where everything is instant and at the touch of a button. It requires discipline, persistence, effort, teaches team building skills, is a fun & healthy way for them to express themselves, and something they can carry with them through their entire lives. The payoff is worth the extra time and effort.”
–Sarita Maxwell, M.M.

Many times the whole process gets stalled out because a professional band director cannot be found.

Don’t let this stop you! Catholic Schoolhouse has a complete guide available to help a novice take on this joyful task.  All of us homeschool moms have learned to be science teachers, family managers and even soccer coaches, we can do this!  Remember, giving the students an exposure is the best thing.  If they love it, they can go on to join the youth orchestra in your community.

Thoughts from our band manual:

The Director


What does the job involve?

  •  Being a leader, being positive, being humble
  •  Helping students to reach their full potential; be a motivator!
  •  Being observant (by sight & sound)
  •  Not being afraid to try something new – embrace the unknown and the fact that
  •  Not everything will work…it’s okay.

Sound familiar?

These were written by Sarita Maxwell, a band director, with the specific needs of running a home school band in mind.

To me, they sound like the same qualifications all of us needed to become homeschoolers!

And also,

  • Being passionate about music!


Where do I Begin?

If you would like help starting your Catholic Schoolhouse band, click below to read the complete band manual, then let us know if this was helpful.  Especially if it gave your group the courage to start a music ensemble!

Band Manual 2013

As an additional help, Sarita Maxwell is offering her services to any Catholic Schoolhouse chapter who may need a little help.  For a modest fee of $25 per hour, she will offer consultation either by phone or e-mail to help with any specific issues you may have.

Additionally she will offer transposition/arranging services.  One of the frustrations I have had directing small groups is having selected a piece the kids love to play which fits with our curriculum or is perfect for the theme of our spring performance, finding that I don’t have an appropriate arrangement for the instruments and/or skill level of my students.

Sarita will offer custom arrangements for a flat fee of $25 per piece*, customized for your group.  She may even have suggestion for an appropriate song for your small group!

Here is a website link to finding songs in the PD.

*If the song is not in the public domain, it may cost a little more to cover permission or royalty fees. Please get your request to Sarita at least 2 months before your expected performance date.

Sarita Maxwell, M.M.
Professor of Low Brass
Winthrop University
maxwellsj12 @

Step out in courage.

Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord!


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