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Hey Moms and Dads

I know you are super busy being awesome moms, dads, teachers, cooks, maids, councilors, etc.  However if I could ask for a teeny-tiny favor, would you shoot me a quick note with some feedback on the blog?  At Catholic Schoolhouse we truly want this blog to be a blessing to you and your family, and feedback will help me improve my posts by providing what you do want, and not what you don’t want.

Have you been doing the activities in the blog? Reading/buying the books recommended? Are you making, or have made a lapbook?  If so, please let me know what has worked and what has not.  If there were any instances where you thought “what is she talking about!? or this is so confusing!” please let me know!  If there were some things you definitely liked and some that you definitely would never dream of doing, let me know those too.

So… Email me at (to get it directly to me, your blog author) or leave a comment on this post or any other post written within the past three months!

Thanks and God Bless!


8 Comments on “Feedback Please

  1. Hi Kristin,

    As a busy mom of six, it has taken me TOO LONG to do this. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, I have checked out almost every blog post you have done. I love the lap books. I have been doing the Animal Kingdom one with my six year old son. He loves it and used it for show and tell at our CSH chapter.
    The printable packages incorporating Math skills etc with the featured Saint are really neat as well.
    One of our tutors plans to use your Geography lap book idea for the US regions next quarter. I a so glad you are a few weeks ahead of us 😉 While we don’t use everything, and some things are only used at home, what you have provided has been extremely helpful in the formation of ideas!

    God Bless

    • Thank you so much Ren! I’m glad the Saint Fun Packs are being used! If you have any comments on the Lapbooks or their instructions (like if/how I can make them better) please let me know. I really appreciate the feedback!

  2. I Love, Love, Love your blog posts! Lots of great ideas and easy to use.
    I am waiting for our year 1 materials to arrive and can’t wait to start using some/all of these ideas!
    Question: What are the fun packs and how often do you put them out? Are they part of the program or are they extra? Where do I get them?
    Thank you for putting together such a fun, inexpensive and easy to use program!

    • Hi Denise,
      The Fun Packs are a pack of worksheets I post every 3 weeks. They have a short bio of the saint for those three weeks, and then incorporate math, reading comprehension, religion and language arts memory work into a worksheet-type activities that are focused on the Saint being studied. They are usually at the beginning of a weekly post, in green, bolded and underlined since they are free printables!
      Thank you for the feedback! I hope you and your family really enjoy doing Catholic Schoolhouse!

  3. Thank you for posting all your ideas! I think it is a valuable resource for our families at Catholic Schoolhouse. It gives parents ideas to continue their studies through the week. We are only in Week 3 so I am looking forward to using the Lapbooks for the State Regions. Thank you for taking the time to post.

  4. Kristen,
    I have found this to be truly valuable! We are doing a Catholic Schoolhouse co-op, and this ties our whole week together. It is simple enough, with clear directions, and consistent. Please keep it up!

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