New England States Lapbook Part 2

New England States Lapbook Part 2

Do your students have their New England States and capitals memorized yet?  Sing the Song and have a quiz before adding these fun features.  Make your students get all the correct capitals and abbreviations before letting them cut out these fun features!

Print the New England state features flip pages  2 sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

Week 12 New England Features Geography Lapbook- Printable

Cut out along the outside of each flip book, and fold on the solid lines.  Several of them are tri-folds, so fold on the two solid lines making sure the feature name is on the outside.

Glue these into the lapbook middle section around your New England states map.  They can go in any place or order you want.  You can see below how I did it.

New England States Lapbook

Have fun reading the fun facts about each feature and looking at the pictures!

P1000304 (1024x768)

P1000305 (1024x768)

Print the cover for your lapbook:

New England States Lapbook Cover

Glue it to the front of the two side flaps.  (I glue the page to one side, then use the edge of the file folder as a guide to cut on).

P1000306 (796x1024)

Then to make it fit into your Geography 3 ring binder, use some packing tape.  Run the packing tape down the outside of the left side of the Lapbook.  Fold it over onto itself, so that about 1/2 of tape is sticking to itself, and the rest to the lapbook.  Hole punch through the tape and store in your binder!

IMG_20140826_084542930 (1024x932)

(I cheated and used this picture of the Southeastern States Lapbook for the hole-punching instructions- the idea is the same though)

You can do the same thing using duct tape instead.  There are lots of fun duct tapes out there. This one may be more appropriate than the aliens that we’ve been using.

Now you have three geography lapbooks!  Are your students using them?  Bring these lapbooks along when you have doctor appointments or meetings instead of video games or toys.  Make sure you come back in a few weeks for the next Geography Lapbook!

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