Rocky Mountains States Lapbook Part 1

Rocky Mountains States Lapbook Part 1

Ok by now, I’m sure you have the drill down, so I’ve put the printable right here at the top. Here is the printable with the big map of the Rocky Mountain States and the match books for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.

Rocky Mountains States Lapbook Week 17 Printable

I hope that these aren’t getting boring… are they?  Making this lapbook made me really REALLY want to plan a trip to the Rockies.  My husband has been there a few times, but I haven’t managed a trip yet.  After studying all this US Geography, I certainly have a lot more places on my list to see!  But I digress….

First open your file folder, and fold the outside edges into the middle. (Do you think I can make it through all the US Regions with purple lapbooks? stay tuned to find out)

P1000357 (795x1024)

Now print the state matchbooks and the Plains states map (link at top).  Print the matchbooks two sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

P1000560 (1024x768)

Print the big map and trim excess white from around it.  Here are your choices once again:

  1. Color and label the map before glue-sticking it to the lapbook.
  2. Laminate (or use contact paper) the map.  Then glue it into your lapbook and your students can use a dry erase marker to write information on the map.  They can test their knowledge on the state names, capitals, locations of the features, birds, flowers or any other information about the states! (I would recommend the laminated version if you have one lapbook per family, so you can erase one student’s information and allow other students to label)

Once you’ve chosen what to do with the large map, glue or tape it into the middle section of the lapbook.

P1000562 (1024x660)

Now cut out your state matchbooksFold on the dotted lines so that they look like a matchbook when folded.  The state name should overlap the top flap with the US map.

Once you have those cut out and folded, glue stick these into your lapbook. For this week, I’d recommend getting them to all fit down the inside of one flap, like this:

P1000564 (1024x685)

There now we have plenty of space for the cool Rocky Mountain features next week.  You will be back next week, right?

Of course, add your own fun facts about each state!  Some ideas may be to add famous people from that state, year the state was added to the US, patron saint of each state, etc.  Get crazy and write which family members live in each state if you want.  If you have room in your other Lapbooks, go and add your family member names to those as well.  How many states do you have a family member in?

Come back next week to print the features for the Rocky Mountains!  I love the pictures for these, makes me want to get in the car and travel right now!



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