Rocky Mountain States Lapbook Part 2

Rocky Mountain States Lapbook Part 2

Probably by now (and maybe sooner), you know how these work and are just checking this out for the printables.  I’ll post them upfront right here at the top for you!

Rocky Mountains States Features Printable

Rocky Mountain States Lapbook Cover

Annndd, here are the instructions:

Print the Rocky Mountain States Features Printable  2 sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

Cut out along the outside of each flip book, and fold in half on the solid lines.  The Devils Tower folds into the middle from the top and bottom.  Yellowstone is a trifold: fold the three outside squares inward, make sure “Yellowstone National Park” is on top.

P1000566 (1024x961)


Glue these into the middle and sides of your lapbook. The order doesn’t matter this week, however you like to fit them in works.  Here’s how I did it!

P1000567 (1024x669)

You can glue stick these in yourself, or have your students take turns gluing them.  Read the feature facts out loud and show the pictures as you glue them.  Or quiz each other on the features information. Use a dry erase marker if your map is laminated or coloring pencils to draw the features onto the map in the  middle!

Have fun reading the fun facts about each feature and looking at the pictures.

P1000568 (1024x768)


Print the cover for your lapbook:

Glue it to the front of the two side flaps.  (I glue the page to one side, then use the edge of the file folder as a guide to cut on).

Then to make it fit into your Geography 3 ring binder, use some packing tape.  Run the packing tape down the outside of the left side of the Lapbook.  Fold it over onto itself, so that about 1/2 of tape is sticking to itself, and the rest to the lapbook.  Hole punch through the tape and store in your binder!

I don’t have a picture for the Rocky Mountains Lapbook, but you can see how I did it in the Plains Lapbook Part 2 post, if you need a picture to reference!

Have you all been enjoying the Geography lapbooks? What do your kids like the best? the least?  Leave me a comment!

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