Pacific and Southwest States Lapbook Part 2

Pacific and Southwest States Lapbook Part 2

I hope your students enjoyed the match books of the Pacific States last week.  This is where it gets a a little more interesting.

Print the state matchbooks and the states map.  Print the matchbooks two sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

Southwest States map and Matchbooks printable

Great!  Now while your students are cutting those out, get another file folder.  Cut it in half, right along that big seam in the middle.


Great now, cut off the tab and the edge where the curves start.


And then tape that to the TOP of the lapbook you started last week. (I recommend some packaging tape for strength)

P1000759 (950x1024)

Now fold that new flap down over your pacific states.  Prepare your map however you wish (either leave as it is, or laminate), and glue stick or tape it to the top of that flap you just made.  Then gluestick or tape your match books to the side that you left empty.  Here’s mine

P1000763 (1024x768)

Enjoy your state flip books and maps this week.  See if your students can label all the states and capitals without peaking at the match books.

P1000766 (1024x768)

Come back next week for all the flip pages for the features!

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