Pacific and Southwest States Lapbook Part 3!

Pacific and Southwest States Lapbook Part 3!

Thanks for being here!  I love lapbooks, and I’m both happy and sad to be finishing our last one for geography.

This week we add the features and cover to our lapbooks.  Print the features 2 sided (flip the sheet along the long side of the paper) and the cover.

Pacific and Southwest States Features Printable

Pacific and Southwestern States Cover

Cut out your features and fold on the solid lines.

P1000746 (1024x912)Now I suggest glue sticking the pacific state features to the underside of your top flap.  That way when you are looking at your pacific states map, you can also access your pacific states features flip pages.

P1000768 (883x1024)

P1000769 (961x1024)

Then gluestick the southwest states features on the top of the flap.  There’s only two of them, so they fit amongst the map spaces.

P1000765 (1024x697)

The last thing to do is to glue the cover to the front!  Thanks for sticking with me this whole time as we made lapbooks for each region of the US.  I hope you had fun, and that your students are still using these lapbooks to learn their states, capitals and fun features in the regions!




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