Free Art Resource! 3 Projects from Tour 2: Art Guide

Free Art Resource! 3 Projects from Tour 2: Art Guide

Catholic Schoolhouse’s Art Program allows you to explore art while immersing your family in catholic history and culture.

Throughout the Art Program series, students learn and experiment with the seven elements of art: line, shape, color, form, space, texture, and value. A variety of media are used to expose students to new experiences. Indexed supply lists make gathering supplies easy.

Each week presents a featured artwork, included in full color in the guide, background for the teacher, and complete project instructions, all from a Catholic perspective. The complete ART curriculum can be used with Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2 or as a stand-alone art program at home or in your co-op.

Try 3 FREE art projects from Tour 2: Art Guide – Medieval Art Unit for Quarter 3B.

  • Doodling with Flair – illuminated manuscripts
  • Illuminated Monogram – sacred manuscripts
  • Oiled Paper Stained Glass – imitation of the Rose window of Notre Dame

Learn more about Catholic Schoolhouse’s Integrated Art Program.

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