Are you Trapped in a Homeschool Curriculum that Doesn’t Fit?

Are you Trapped in a Homeschool Curriculum that Doesn’t Fit?

It’s fall and many of you may be wondering and feeling, is this really what homeschooling is all about?

Are you pulling your hair out with kids in different grade levels? Would you like to have a true one-room schoolhouse–one where your family is truly together?

Catholic Schoolhouse offers flexibility to create the homeschool of your dreams–one that suits your kid’s learning style and your teaching style.

These reminders from may help you discern how you feel:

  • The child is more important than the curriculum.
  • Children at home do not need to be measured by the methods of public school, where, by the way, many kids are also experiencing poor fit with standards and curriculum.
  • “Deschooling” is a real thing, and even if your kids have never been to school before, parents need to deschool to understand more about how homeschooling differs from school.
  • You have years ahead where the pace of your child’s learning can vary, accelerating and decelerating.
  • “Grade level” may not be a very good indicator of whether a curriculum will fit your child.
  • Your child may be at different “grade levels” in different subjects.
  • Many homeschoolers delay formal academic lessons for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, and you can do the same thing.
  • Children who seem gifted may not thrive on formal early academic lessons.
  • Teaching reading in kindergarten goes against the research about reading, where the conclusion is that play is more important in creating future academic success. Honest.
  • Your general approach to homeschooling is more important than any specific curriculum.
  • Because you put a lot of thought or money into it is NOT a reason to continue using a curriculum that is making someone cry. Especially if it is you. 

Catholic Schoolhouse provides what to study so you have more time to focus on how. 

Catholic Schoolhouse’s trustworthy framework of memory work creates the structure you need so you can homeschool with confidence while teaching with your unique style.

Bring Joy to your homeschool.

Catholic Schoolhouse is also so much more than Memory Work–with added resources such as History Cards, Integrated Art Program for all ages, and Hands-on Exploratory Science Guide, teaching can become fun again.

Be sure to check out the Catholic Schoolhouse Blog for FREE ideas, resources, and activities to get you started with homeschooling.

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