Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2: Week 13

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2: Week 13

It’s a new calendar year and hopefully a fresh start back at schooling! I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you and your students ease back into school gracefully after a nice Christmas break!

Memory Work Idea

Play a new version of hide-and-seek this week.  Whoever is IT doesn’t count to ten though, they recite a memory verse before seeking everyone else!  Let whoever is IT decide which memory sentence to recite, and have some printed versions of them in case they need help!


Our new saint to focus on is Saint Cecilia! Have fun learning about her with the Saint Fun Pack!

Saint Cecilia Fun Pack


  • Roman Numerals are used in our Pope’s names when more than one of them has the same name.  Use this quick printable to practice your Roman Numerals on using the names of 20th century popes!

Popes and Roman Numerals

Language Arts

  • You youngest may be just learning what makes a sentence a sentence.  For your older students this is review.  Have your older students (who may already know about sentences), write some sentences and non-sentences for the younger students. Then see if your younger students can tell which are sentences and which aren’t. One of the best ways to really learn something is to teach it!
  • Have your students (if you have several) work together to make a silly sentence.  Line them up and have each person write one word on their turn.  If you only have one or two students- take turns writing words- alternating and working together to make sure it’s a complete thought.  Sometimes this can get silly if you have a student who like to insert really random verbs and nouns! For example if you had Bob, Sue, and Dan: Bob might write ‘the’, Sue writes ‘cat,’ now Dan needs to pick a verb maybe ‘ran’- go back to Bob who might write ‘up’ and keep going until someone concludes the sentence.


  • Combine your Latin and your Language Arts this week. See if your Latin-studying students can write a sentence in Latin with each form of possum – To be able, can; to have power.  Then translate it for the little ones.


  • I found a whole gallery of Tromp L’oiel artwork.  I’m not sure how useful it is for teaching, but I thought some were too cool to not share with you. If you know of a building nearby that has some Tromp l’oiel art, then go check it out and have a closer look!
  • Practice your own tromp l’oiel art by having your students draw a window in your house and what they see on the otherside of it!


  • The Recorder. If you were part of a CSH Program this year, your students have had first hand experience with a recorder! Take your recorders out this week extra and talk about what makes them a woodwind instrument.  (They used to be made of wood!)
  • Listen to some Early Itlaian Recorder Music on youtube as you do your school work this week.  Maybe it’ll serve as inspiration to practice those recorders! That link takes you to over an hour of nice recorder music- great for background noise 🙂


  • This is an excellent time to do Stations of the Cross as part of your homeschooling.  Stations goes through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ- number 1 on the History list this week. You can:
  • Read about Jesus’ Passion, Death and Ressurrection in your Bible.  Have your older students read all four accounts (Mt 28, Mk 16, Lk 24, Jn 20)and write a compare and contrast essay.  In what ways are the gospels similar, and in what ways are they different?  Did one focus more on one part than another? For your younger students you could just pick one to read aloud, or read from your Children’s Bible.  If I were to pick one from the Real Bible, I’d go with John
  • For the Ascension of Jesus, check out these cute food and craft ideas at Catholic Icing. I love the craft with Jesus ascending into the blue cup covered in clouds.
  • Pentecost is considered the birthday of the church, so you could celebrate the Church’s birthday this week with a cake! Or make these amazing cupcakes at The Careless Catholic.
careless catholic cupcakes


  • The Middle East is an area of profound unrest, and has been for centuries.  You can take this as an opportunity to teach some of your older students about some of the recent history of this area.
  • I don’t think I would worry about the news and history with the Middle East for younger students, and just focus on the geography of learning country locations on a world map, names, and capital cities.
  • You can learn more about the Ural Mountains at Encyclopedia Brittanica’s website.
  • Check out and start the next in the geography lapbook series,  Middle East Lapbook!


  • This week in science we focus on the planets in our solar system!  Check out the free printables here for making a lapbook.  There’s enough in the file on planets to make a whole lapbook just on planets!  Or you could pick just one or two of the printables and start a lapbook for the whole space quarter.  Just make sure you exclude the Pluto printables- sorry Pluto but you’re not a planet anymore. 🙁
  • Teach your preschooler about space with these cute printables and lessons from Mrs.HomeEc
  • The Magic Schoolbus has a cute book called The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System that fits perfectly into this week!
  • And you can watch a Magic Schoolbus show about the Solar System on Netflix.  Season 1  Episode 1 Magic Schoolbus gets lost in space!

Did you miss Tour 2 week 12? Check it out.

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