Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2: Week 21

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2: Week 21

Don’t forget to socialize your kids!!!!

socialize the kids!

Just kidding!  I know for many homeschoolers, you homeschool BECAUSE your children may have too much social interaction. Without homeschooling, you may never see your kids because of all the CCD, soccer, ballet, music, karate, birthday parties, and playdates.

Memory Work Idea

Grab several buckets or coffee cans (or boxes) and label them with each subject of memory work.  Then have your students take turns tossing a bean bag (or small ball or stuffed animal, whatever you have) toward the buckets.  Whichever bucket they get, they have to recite the memory work for.  For your older students, you could hand them a checklist and see who can make a bucket for and recite every subject’s memory work first.  Then have prizes for everyone!


It’s the last week to finish up your Saint Dominic Fun pack!

Saint Dominic Fun Pack

  • The religion focus this week is on Confirmation.  If you have pictures of any of your older student’s confirmation (and maybe party after), you could pull that out this week.  I love excuses to look through old pictures, and it’s even better when it’s with purpose.
  • I have a handwriting and coloring page of Confirmation over at Drawn2BCreative.


  • There are lots of free printables online for the months of the year.  Here’s just a few that I found and liked:
  • Have a writing exercise: What is your favorite month and why?  Or List everything interesting that happen in <insert month name here>, like holidays and feast days, birthdays, major historical events etc.  Assign a different month to each student, or let them pick their birthday month.

Language Arts

  • We are working on prefixes and suffixes. Check out the CSH Tour 1 Week 21 post for some fun ideas on using prefixes and suffixes in a game.
  • Here is a site with a list of words with prefixes and suffixes.  (This list is not exhaustive, just a place to get started. Some answers students give may not be on this list- accept anything that is a real word.)
  • Grab a newspaper and some highlighters.  Have your students highlight all the words with prefixes yellow and all the words with suffixes pink.  Words that have a prefix and a suffix get highlighted with both (and become orange!)


  • I found this cool Gothic Architecture Printable.  I’m trying to figure out a cool way to use it, other than as a coloring page.   Maybe your older students can use it as inspiration for designing their own Gothic cathedral.



  • Since we are still in the medieval period and even study Feudalism this week, I say capitalize on the fun that castles are.  If you are looking for a beautifully illustrated (and a little funny) book about castles to captivate your students, then you have to get a copy of Castle by David Macaulay.  It’s on Amazon, and I bet even you parents will enjoy looking at it.

(This is an affiliate link)

  • ‘Play’ Feudalism this week with your kids using their army dolls, stuffed animals, even dinosaurs- whatever characters you have.  Establish who the king is, then the lords, vassals, counts, and the serfs.  Make sure the serfs are the ones growing the crops and serving the others higher up.  (I suppose some toy food could be useful here). Alternatively, if you have a big enough family, you could play Feudalism with your own family members.  Dad is the king of course, Mom is the queen, and then maybe your oldests students can be lords, and so on down the line.  You could even give the ‘serfs’ weed-pulling duty 😉
  • Saint Vladamir was so impressed by Saint John Chrystostom, and one church service that he chose Christianity for all of Russia and led thousands to the faith.  Have a writing exercise, where you imagine that you are Vladimir and have just experienced a mass for the first time.  Write to someone a letter to a close friend/council man/relative describing your experience. His words were “We didn’t know if we were in heaven or on earth” so you know it must have been life changing.  The mass is such a beautiful opportunity for all of us everyday and at least every Sunday.  Each time we participate in the Eucharist, should be a ‘life changing’ experience for us.  See if your students can create a link between their own faith and the new faith that Saint Vladimir found in Constantinople.
  • Make a Saint Stephen Crown with this printable!  The Royal Crown of Hungary, also known as Saint Stephen’s crown has been used since the 12th century to crown new kings (until they stopped having kings that is).  It is still on display in the Hungarian Parliament Building.  The printable Royal crown is a bit simplified but you can easily add more detail if desired.  Print, color and cut out the pieces.  Take the two decorated sections and tape or staple them into a crown shape.  Add the bands across the top using tape and attaching to the inside of the crown and lining up with the icons. Finally fold the small rectangle at the base of the cross and tape it down to the top of the crown.

Printable Holy Crown of Hungary

Printable Holy Crown of Hungary
  • I found this 8 minute video about William the Conqueror who conquered the Saxons. The video and the people in it are not really graphic, but shows some illustrations that are a little weird/could be considered graphic.  Watch and make sure you’re ok with it before showing to your kids. I thought it was a good summary of the battle and showed some reenactments and strategies employed by William.
  • Here is a Battle of Hastings ‘game’ online at the BBC.  It’s pretty simplistic, but if you don’t make the same choices that William the Conquerer made, then you don’t win. Maybe your computer age students will have a little fun trying to win the Battle of Hastings as either William or Harald.


  •  If you haven’t started, go ahead and print and start assembling your Asia Lapbook!
  • Thai Restaurants are becoming more and more popular.  If you’ve never tried this type of Asian food, and have a restaurant nearby, consider trying it out! I love Thai food! (just as a warning, Thai food tends to include peanuts, so if you have peanut allergic kids, sit this one out)
  • If you want to make it at home, Pad Thai is one of my favorite dishes.
  • Vietnamese food it another one with it’s on entirely different taste.  One of my favorite dishes is Veitnamese spring rolls.  You can usually get most of the ingredients in a grocery store and here’s a recipe. (you can substitute regular basil for the Thai Basil or just omit it if you’re not a basil kind of person)


  • Rainbows are so fun, and there are a million crafts out there that include rainbows.  I really like this Measuring Rainbow.  Each color is a different length strip of construction paper, and they align to the wavelenths of each color.  Red has the longest wavelength in the visible light spectrum and has the longest piece of paper.  You could even have your students draw waves on their construction paper before assembling their rainbow.
  • Check out The Magic School Bus Makes A Rainbow: A Book About Color
  • Or you can watch the Magic Schoolbus Season 3 Episode 7 on Netflix.

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