Catholic Schoolhouse Recognizes Truth, Goodness and Beauty 2022 Achievement

Catholic Schoolhouse Recognizes Truth, Goodness and Beauty 2022 Achievement

Catholic Schoolhouse is proud to recognize the achievements of our 2022 Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Award achievers.

Catholic Schoolhouse students may earn the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Awards either in addition or separately from the Super Scholar Awards.

This three-part award consists of Saints, Music, and Art.


These students excelled in all three areas to earn the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty award. Congratulations to these dedicated Truth, Goodness, and Beauty award winners!

Irvine, CA Chapter
Colette Beckman, Gerard Dilanji, Juliette Dilanji, Kieran Dilanji, Xavier Dilanji, James LaFlash, Sean LaFlash, Alexander Neilsen, Marcus Neilsen, Grace Pagel, Gabriel Ricci, Nicholas Ricci, Dairinne Ronnow,
Dominic Ricci

Lighthouse Point, FL Chapter
Gavin Argento, Theo Argento, Daniel C., Marcos Fernández, Peter Metzger, Richie Spencer, Alexandra Spencer

West Orlando, FL Chapter
Adriana Cepero, Catherine Furlong, Dominic Furlong, Caleb Newsum, Nathaniel Newsum, Elian Rodriguez-Figueroa, Gabriela Rodriguez-Figueroa

Atlanta, GA Chapter
James S. (9), Felicity Y. (12), John M. (12)

Fishers, IN Chapter
K. Ostanek (9), J.P. (8), Jonas Fisher (4), Marian Leazier (7), Maria O. (11), Adele V. (10), Clara V. (6), Edwin V. (4), Elza Leazier (8), W. Ostanek (7), Leah Fisher (7), Eric Halvorson III (9), Sophia Rissi (9), Zoey L. (9)

Indianapolis, IN Chapter
Avery Boham, Josephine Hall, Evelyn Hall, Benjamin Woods, Daniel Dlugosz, Hailey Huseman, Jeremiah Woods, Luke Sifuentes, Peter Sifuentes, Victoria Sifuentes

South Indianapolis, IN Chapter
Andrew Chamblee, Andrew Wilmering, Aurora Wisby, Catherine L., Charlotte Rea, Claire Capes, Damian Vanderhulst, Danny Feitl, Dominic Schoening, Drew Carr, Edie Hodgins, Eleanor Olson, Elliott Carr, Eve Hackert, Faye Hackert, Gabe Warren, Jacob Chamblee, Joel Coney, Joel Nantz, Jonathan Hanley, Jonathon Wisby, Josie Underhill, Jude Vanderhulst, Julia Olson, Karson Knust, Karter Knust, Kenna Knust, Kessa Knust, Luke Schoening, M. Hanley, Maryella Carr, Max Capes, Max Vanderhulst, N. Hanley, Peter Hodgins, Peter Warren, Rebecca Chamblee, Rebekah Coney, Therese Duffy, Thomas Rea, Toby State, Vera Vanderhulst

Sunman, IN Chapter
Colette Weber (13), Nathan Weber (8), Nora Weber (6), Tyler Bien (8), Elsie Elder (6), Abraham Schwartz (14), Isabella Santaella (10), Lucas Jimenez (7)

Houma, LA Chapter
Leo Carreon (9), Noelle Carreon (7)

Shreveport, LA Chapter
Ellie Carpenter (5), Danny Carpenter (7), Nicky Carpenter (9), Tommy Carpenter (10), Amelia Leighton (5), Elizabeth Leighton (7), Dominic Leighton (7), Cora Leighton, Marianna Leighton (8), Luke Aranda (7), AnnaMaria Aranda (9), Chaplin Lopez (7), Aiden Smith (8)

St. Paul, MN Chapter
Maggie Sinn, Micah Sinn, Rowan Sinn, Steven Block, Peter Block, Luciana Hastreiter, Genevieve Hastreiter, Gus Ehrenberg, Amelia Ehrenberg

Lincoln, NE Chapter
Samuel Jacobs (12), Maria Polk (11), Josephine Polk (9)

Yardley, PA Chapter
Audrey Sorial (5), Sophia Sorial (7)

Dripping Springs, TX Chapter
Olivia Carrillo (6), Jexton Gordon (9), Danielle Makar (11), Gregory Makar (8), Luke M (11), Blaise Roberts (8), Quinn Tomasoski (11), Loriana Yu (7)

Richmond, VA Chapter
Gabriel Bevc (12), Joey Waring (10), Dominic Bevc (9), Lily Waring (9), Jacob Snider (8), Anne Waring (7), Maria Bevc (6), Claire Snider (4)

Burlington, VT
Ethan Quizon (10), Ava Marie Quizon (6), Ellorah Quizon (5), Luke Lawson (11), Thomas Lawson (9)

Anacortes, WA Chapter
Julia Griffith (10), George Griffith (9), Fulton Senn (7), Bevan Bartlett (10), Lorelei Einbinder (7), Alice Einbinder (5), Ysabella Brown (9), Frances Brown (11)

Madison, WI Chapter
Thomas Draves, Anna Draves, Zelie Hetue, Winnie Shoemaker, Hazel Shoemaker, Rowan Shoemaker

Scholars are also recognized for work in one of the following three areas.


When shown an image of a saint from the Tour Guide, the scholar states the name of the saints and two facts about the saint. Congratulations to our Transcendent Treasures!

Irvine, CA Chapter
Joshua Beckman, Connor Dilanji, Louis Dilanji, Mary Mattson, Clare Pagel, Joseph Perez, Celeste Ricci

Burlington, VT Chapter
Clare Reis, Ann Reis (8), John Paul Lawson (7), Abigail Reis (8)


When listening to a piece of music from the Tour Guide, the scholar states the instrument or composer.
Congratulations to our Jazzy Jewels!

Burlington, VT Chapter
Bethany Lawson (4), Charlie Lawson (4), Abigail Reis (8)


When shown one of eight featured works of art, the scholar states the title of the piece and the name of the artist.
Congratulations to our Competent Craftsman!

Irvine, CA Chapter
Gregory Kerlagon

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Catholic Schoolhouse Truth, Goodness and Beauty Award Winners!

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If you would like more information about forming a Catholic Schoolhouse Chapter so your students can participate in our scholarly contests, click here.

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