Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 1: Week 15

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 1: Week 15


  • Pull out your Saint Damien de Veuster Fun Pack and complete the activities for Week 15.

Saint Damien de Veuster of Molokai Fun Pack

I should have put this in an earlier post about Saint Damien, but there is a great book about this called Saint Damien of Molokai, Hero of Hawaii.

Saint Damien of Molokai, Hero of Hawaii

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  • Use the identity property of multiplication for fun this week.  Play this little ‘game’ with your kids by asking them multiplication problems where you change the first number but the second multiplier is always 1.  For example “what is 1 times 1? 1, what is 5 times 1? 5, what is 100 times 1? 100.  Keep going and start getting silly.  “what is 123,521 times 1?  123,521!”  See if your kids can ‘trick’ Dad when he gets home from work with a HUGE number times 1.

Language Arts

  • Pull out the cards you made in Tour 1: Week 13 and sort them into subject or predicate piles.  How fast can your students sort them?  Make up some more fun subjects and predicates this week.
  • If you have a group of students, split them into two teams: one team is the subjects team and the other is predicates. Give each team a whiteboard and have them write their part of a sentence on it, without peeking at the other team’s part.  Put the subject and predicate together and see what a silly sentence you have! (You’ll have to tell them ahead of time to either do singular or plural subjects so that the predicates will agree.)  Repeat a few times, then have the sides switch places.


  • This blog called Beth’s Notes has a few cute printables (Acrostic, word find, questions worksheet) about Sousa for your students to enjoy.  She even has sheet music at the end!
  • Also, I know it’s cold outside and if you want something interesting to show your kids, How it’s Made did an episode on how tubas are made.  You can tie this into this week’s music lesson since the Sousaphone is a type of Tuba.  Check out the clip of How it’s Made here on youtube.


  • The Nova site has a neat little interactive graphic that shows how the Wright brother’s first plane worked.  Click here to see it.
  • Watch this short video on Youtube about the Wright Brothers first flying machine. YouTube-Wright Brothers’ first flight
  • I love this quote: “Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what is right.”- Theodore Roosevelt Have a discussion with your students about this quote.  What does it mean to them?  Have they had an experience where they knew what was right but chose to do the opposite?
  • For your older students, has a great (extensive) list of essay questions about the Spanish American War.  Let them pick one and write an essay response. Here is the link.
  • Check out the Theodore Roosevelt Association’s site for several pages of information about the man, the soldier, the president, etc. that Theodore Roosevelt was.  For your older students check out the Lessons plans they have for some great ideas on projects and lessons on Roosevelt.
  • Up from Slavery: an autobiography, the book written by Booker T Washington is free if you have a Kindle (or the Free Kindle App- see the sidebar for a link). Or you can find it here in paperback at Amazon. I recommend it more for your older students (probably 11 and up) or the ones you feel are mature enough to learn some of the details of slavery and abuse from a first-hand perspective.  That being said, it is a good read and one that will be enlightening on socially accepted thoughts and lifestyles in this era.
  • I have a Cornerstones of Freedom book on Ellis Island that I really like.  I know I recommend these often, but they really are good historical books that were written for kids.  The pictures aren’t the greatest, but they have great content in almost a story-like writing.  Plus it actually uses some ‘big’ words to expand your student’s vocabulary. A few good ones I had to teach/define while reading this one were ‘dejection, desperation, callous, and baffling.’

Ellis Island (Cornerstones of Freedom)

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  • Have fun this week learning about the Wright Brothers and making your own airplanes- PAPER airplanes that is.  Have a contest and see whose airplane can fly the farthest. The Wright Brother’s first flight lasted only 12 seconds and went 120ft.  Can your paper airplanes beat that? Here’s a great site for instructions on making paper airplanes.
  • Another book recommendation this week is The Wright Brothers; Pioneers of American Aviation. It’s only $5.39 and is great for your chapter book readers or to read aloud to the younger ones. I love that it was written in a story fashion instead of textbook fashion.  The writing is interesting and educational without being boring or dry.

The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation (Landmark Books)

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  • Find your pulse in your wrist and count how many beats you have in a minute.  Do 10 (50) jumping jacks then take your pulse again. What can you conclude about your circulatory system after this activity?
  • Print this cool circulation game and play it from

Thanks for reading!

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