Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 1: Week 22

Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 1: Week 22


  • Print out the ‘Your State Here’ Saint Funpack and fill it out for your State’s patron saint!

State Patron Saint Fun Pack


  • You probably have a scale at home right?  Have your students weigh themselves, and calculate how much they weigh in ounces.
  • When you’re at the grocery store, take some time to examine the produce scales.  If you don’t have too many little crazy kids very young students, you could even experiment with weighing different items, writing down the weight in both oz and lbs.

Language Arts

  • I love alliteration!  Have your students write a sentence using their own name and lots of alliteration.  Here are a few examples: Kristen keeps kind kittens.  Eva eventually eats eleven enormous eggplants.  Charles chews chicken chunks charmingly.  Ok, that last one was crazy, but you get the idea. See how many different sentences they can create using their name.
  • A couple of great alliteration books are

(These are all affiliate links.  Using them to make a purchase helps CSH continue its mission!)

Some Smug Slug

Bootsie Barker Bites

  • Wahoo! I love onomatopoeias too! This is the week to pull out your comic books for school!  Have your student make a list of all the onomatopoeias in his or her comic book.
  • Ok, this might be cheesy, but it’s perfect for your week learning about metaphors.

(These are all affiliate links.  Using them to make a purchase helps CSH continue its mission!)

Happiness Is . . .: 500 things to be happy about

  • Alternatively, you could have your students write their own metaphors for ‘Happiness is…” Make a mini-book about it with this printable.  For directions on folding your mini book see my blog’s page How to Fold Your MiniBook.

Happiness is… minibook Printable

Here are a couple of pictures of mine and my daughter’s:

Can you relate?
This is a 4-year-old- That second one says “Lakes”.
  • If you would like a book recommendation for similies’ take a look at My Heart is Like a Zoo– it has tons of similes and it’s super cute.  It’s aimed at younger preschool children, but looking for all the similes makes it into a grade school book.  It also has shape finding, counting, and lots of feelings- a great book for so many reasons.  Use it when your children are small and when they get big enough for learning similes.

(These are all affiliate links.  Using them to make a purchase helps CSH continue its mission!)

My Heart Is Like a Zoo

Here’s an example page spread from My Heart is Like a Zoo:

heart is like a zoo
  • You could make your own mini-book to practice similes too. This one is titled “I want to be virtuous like a Saint” and each page lists a virtue for the beginning of a simile.  This may be more appropriate for your older students who know what prudence and temperance are- or you could take this as an opportunity to teach your younger students about those virtues.  Most students can probably think of something for hope, faith, and love. Fill them in with names of saints or with whatever your child associates with each virtue. For directions on folding your mini book see my blog’s page How to Fold Your Mini-Book.

I want to be virtuous like Saint ____ Mini-book



  • Learn some ragtime dances.  I have to admit, I think some of these are hilarious, and nothing would make me happier than seeing videos of your students trying them out. So watch this youtube video, blast the Scott Joplin music, and have some fun dancing. 


  • This week your students will be learning about your own state!  I created some printables which you can use either for notebooking or cut out and use to make a lapbook.  (There are plenty of other ones on the internet for free if you don’t want to use these- just type in ‘State notebooking’ in Pinterest)

State Notebooking/Lapbooking Printables

  • Don’t forget about the geography brochure- fill it out for someone visiting your state! (Print it 2 sided, and fold it in thirds)

Geography Brochure Printable

And since I have no history to conjure up activities for, here are a few book recommendations to consider:

  • Visit the Library! Our Library has two different book series where there is a book for each state: America the Beautiful by Lucile Davis and This Land is Your Land by Ann Heinrichs.  Both are a series with one book for each state.
  • Check out this website, which has a long list of books for each state.  Instead of text-book-type books, this list covers a lot of picture books and cultural books.


  • Does your family own a compass?  This would be a great week to teach your students how they work!  Go outside and turn in various directions, walk around, do a handstand, etc., and notice how the needle always points north!
  • You may not have a fancy set of magnets to experiment with but, if you have a train set (Thomas brand or otherwise), they often have magnets to connect each train car to the next.  Use these to experiment and learn how like poles repel, and unlike poles attract.  Use a small colored sticker to designate poles that are similar.

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