Ancient Mad Lib

This fun Mad Lib was made by a creative mom in our Charlotte program. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks Stacy!


“Once upon a time, a (adj) pharaoh ruled the (plural noun) of Egypt. He was (adj) wealthy, but also (adv) bored. One day, he ordered his favorite (adj) scribe to (verb) a (adj) poem. “What shall I (adv) write about, O (adj) Pharoah?, asked the Scribe (adv)?

“O lowly (adj) scribe”, (verb in past tense) Pharoah, “Write about (adj) gods, (adj) adventures, (adj) mythical creatures, and (adj) heroes.”

“I shall (adv) do it,, O (adj) Pharoah!” (verb in past tense) the scribe. And off he went, (verb with -ing).

He wrote of (adj)(adv) floods, a (synonym for evil) serpent, one (synonym for good) man, and a (synonym for bad) battle. The (adj) hero of the poem was none other than the (adj) pharoah himself.

(Adv), the (adj) day arrived. Pharoah (adv) assembled all his (adj) subjects in a (adj) hall with (adj) music, (adj) feasting, and even (a number) > 1) (animal, plural) (verb + ing)!

The scribe bowed (adv) to the Pharoah. With a dramatic and (synonym for big) voice, the scribe (adv) and (adv) read the poem to the (verb + ed) audience. Finally, the story (adv) ended,and silence settled on the(adj) room. The Pharoah slowly and (adv) rose from his (adj) throne, and (av) said (synonym for jumping) (animals, plural)! that was (adj)! From now on, you will be my one and only (job or career choice)!”

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