A short break!

Hi Catholic Schoolhouse blog readers!  I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be taking off this week between 1st and 2nd quarters.  I hope that this blog is serving you well, no matter what week you are currently studying.  I will be spending this week creating a few more saint fun packs, projects, lapbooks, and thinking up activities to keep learning fun as you travel through the Year 1 Tour Guide with me!

I will be continuing the saint fun packs that go along with the language arts and math, but if there was anything else in the first quarter of blog posts that your students particularly enjoyed, or you want to see more of, please write me a comment!

May God bless you all in your homeschooling endeavors!  Thank you for using Catholic Schoolhouse!


2 Comments on “A short break!

  1. I have found your posts very helpful! We just started our first week and wanted to let you know what we used from the blog. We did the first lapbook pieces, worked on the saint fun pack and got a copy of your book recomendation along with playing Bach on our computer in the background. Thank you for the additions! We had an incredible first week.

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