Catholic Schoolhouse- Fix your History-Card-Chaos!

Catholic Schoolhouse- Fix your History-Card-Chaos!

Who has history cards all over their desk/school room/kids room?  I do.  They were  driving me crazy because in my house everything has a ‘home’ but these history cards really didn’t.  Up until today they were rubber-banded on my desk, which made it a little difficult to find the right ones for the right week because I’d have to sift through the stack to find the right ones.  Then, later when I was in a hurry, I’d just smack the ones I took out on top and re-rubber band the pack.  This led to my HISTORY-CARD-CHAOS.  So I made a box and dividers for them today, and I’m really excited to share these with you so you don’t end up with your own History-card-chaos!

Here’s the printable with the box template, and dividers for each week of history in Year 1:

Divider tabs and box template- Printable

Dividers are in there for each week, simply print them on cardstock and cut out.  If you want to be really crafty, you could just print the first three pages of tabs, cut those out and use them as templates to cut out tab dividers out of pretty scrapbook paper.  I just printed them on some light blue cardstock which I had on hand.

A Box! Your options are:

  • Buy a box (not sure that there is a box for sale that exactly fits these, but you could probably find something close)
  • Find a box you already have.  Look in your pantry, those hamburger helper boxes come close to being the right size
  • If you’re OCD and have to have a box that was made for these cards and is nearly the perfect size, use the box template and make your own box (instructions below!)

Building your very own Catholic Schoolhouse History Card Box:

1. Print the box template on some cardstock (or paper).  Cut it out– your printer may not print the lines all the way to the edge of the paper, just follow the lines to the edge using your strait line scissor cutting skills! (the box takes up the general area of a whole 8.5″x11″sheet of paper).

NOTE: Make sure your printer is not trying to adjust the picture to fit within the printing range of your printer for the box template.  The width of the middle box should be 5 and 3/4 inches. The cards are 5 and 1/2 inches so that give you 1/4 inch wiggle room. Someone using this printable today had this problem-measure before you finish all the steps!

Use the picture below to see what to cut out:

step 1

2. Find an old cardboard box.  I happen to have this large Priority Mail box laying around.  Open it up and trace around your template onto the box.

IMG_20140902_102105215 (879x1024)

3. Now cut it out! It should look something like this:

IMG_20140902_102609853_HDR (1024x853)

4. Fold!  You can either trace the lines from the template onto your box or just do your best.  See picture below for folding- you want to fold on the lines highlighted in blue dashed lines here.


5. Tape!  Overlap those flaps and tape them down with some good packing tape.  The result should be something box shaped like this, with a slightly shorter front than back.

IMG_20140902_103520862_HDR (1024x844)

Now you can quit here if you just need something that functions and don’t have time for making things pretty.  If you want it to be pretty keep reading.

6. Find some pretty construction, scrap-book, or wrapping paper.  Trace your template onto your pretty paper, only this time cut a little outside the lines  to give you a little more overlap (so no box shows when you wrap it).

IMG_20140902_102619806_HDR (1024x767)

I chose green.  Why? Because Year 1 stuff is all in green!

7.  Wrap the pretty paper around your box by folding in the same way you folded to make the box.  Then tape your pretty paper to the box.  I added a little green strip to the inside of my box also.  I just winged that part.

IMG_20140902_110505639 (1024x915)

You can even go so far as to tape the history card title card onto the front of your box like this:

IMG_20140902_125737155 (1024x952)

Yay!  Now, you have a box for your History Cards!  Print the tab dividers and get organized!  No more History-Card-Chaos!


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  1. What a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing! Do you know if we can purchase just a few (three or four) replacement cards that got destroyed running through my laminator? I was so disappointed when apparently my machine got hungry and ate a few! Thank you for any help you can provide!


  2. THE PERFECT SIZE BOX = is an “invitation envelope” box… If you purchase a box of these envelopes, you will have a box that is approximately: 6″w x 3″d x 4.5″t

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