Catholic Schoolhouse Upper Level

With Catholic Schoolhouse your dialectic and rhetoric students can stay connected to the family.

By following the same general sequence as the Tour Guide, with a deeper scope, your familily can learn together. Family projects, field trips, and discussions around the dinner table can continue to include the entire family.

At our chapters . . .

this is accomplished through relevant book discussions, Socratic seminars, memorized speech selections, and writing assignments that grow students’ communication skills in a fun, interactive environment. We have created an Upper Level Flyer flyer to help you understand and share what Catholic Schoolhouse upper level programs have to offer. More details for the upcoming Tour II can be found in the Tour III Dialectic Overview and Tour III Rhetoric Overview documents. Contact your local director for more details! Or, contact us to see about bringing the beauty of studying in a Catholic community to your area!

At home . . .

families may continue to design a course of study perfectly suited to their child. They can select texts that coordinate, use online classes, or create their own approach that engages their student. If you are new to schooling older students, Graduation Requirements will help you to see the big picture. Then get a sample idea of how to integrate graduation needs with family unity by taking a look at our CSH-home Tour III Rhetoric Sample Course List

Need more information about how to round out your grammar student’s education? We think you’ll enjoy reading CSH Planning for the Grammar Student.