Tour 1 Quarter 3: Copywork and Dictation – Language Arts Printables


Tour I, Q3 weeks 13-18 Language Arts memory work (57 pp.) downloadable PDF.

This is a downloadable .pdf file containing 57 pages of copywork and dictation with a title page and breaks between copywork levels. Catholic Schoolhouse Tour I weeks 13-18 of Language Arts memory work are written out in these ways:

  • Dictation page/ Memory work sign
  • Primary dotted print
  • Intermediate dotted print
  • Dotted cursive
  • Print –copying on blank lines
  • Cursive—copying on blank lines
  • Primary blank handwriting lines
  • Intermediate blank handwriting lines

The product previews show Week 14 in most of these copywork styles.

Upon purchase of this document, you will be sent an email with a link to download the file.  Please open and SAVE the file to your computer.  Your link will expire after 5 download attempts


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