Tour 2: Hands-on Science Guide (Supplemental)


Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2 Science Guide. Cover the topics of botany, astronomy, chemistry, and sound & light to be used for at-home homeschooling, with your CSH chapter or with your co-op.

24 weekly hands-on activities give students a discovery-based experience through a variety of experiments, projects, and demonstrations.

Filled with step-by-step projects and teaching tips – You can teach science!

Catholic Schoolhouse’s hands-on Science Program gives students a discovery-based experience through a variety of experiments, projects, and demonstrations.

Tour 2 Units: Botany, Astronomy (Space), Chemistry, and Sound & Light

Students will learn what a dichotomous key is while identifying trees, walk through the solar system to experience its enormous size, make their own polymer, see sound waves, and much more.

  • 24 hands-on activities presented in a lay-flat, 57-page, heavy-weight paper spiral-bound book
  • Discovery-based experience to enhance scientific skills and observations
  • Background information for the teacher
  • Step-by-step instructions for a variety of experiments, projects, and demonstrations.
  • 4 six-week units facilitate lesson planning
  • Weekly activities integrated with the Catholic Schoolhouse science memory work
  • Memory sentence printed with each lesson for easy reference
  • Indexed supply lists make gathering supplies easy
  • Appendix with full-color printables
  • Written for small groups, yet very suitable for at-home use, especially with a multi-age family where all ages can join in together
  • Tips for the teacher to ensure a smooth-running science class and encourage students to become the best “scientists” they can be
  • Older students with little prior science background will also benefit and enjoy the program.

Printed in full color in the USA.

Integrates with Catholic Schoolhouse Tour 2 or use as a stand-alone homeschool activity guide, with your co-op, or with your CSH Chapter.



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