School Uniforms and T-shirts

We’ve teamed up with Land’s End™ to bring you Catholic Schoolhouse school uniforms! This page has information about current discounts and how to equip your children with clothes that will match your homeschool’s dedication to learning!

Click here to shop and give your little students some great school spirit!

Preferred school number: 900182973

Below are step-by-step instructions.

To order CSH logo apparel, you will need to create an account.  Once you have an account, click on “School Uniforms” on the left side of your screen:

You’ll see this:

So click “Start here,” and when you are asked for a school number, enter 900182973, and search.  It should find CSH, and create a profile for your student.  Enter their name if you wish, then gender, and grade level. Then click Save School. Here’s what it should look like:

Then click “Shop for this School” to see all the options for having the CSH logo placed. All products that can be purchased with the CSH logo will appear in the menu.  Use the below promotion codes and pin numbers to get the discounts at check out.

Chapter members, remember to also use Scrip for a 16% discount on Land’s End™!

All families can receive 25% OFF their first order! Promotion Code: WELCOME25   PIN 3332.

For free Logo additions: Promotion Code: LOGO PIN 5782


children wearing school uniform