Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook- Part 1

Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook- Part 1

First Quarter Science Lapbook:

Lapbooks are all the rage these days.  I see them all the time on Pinterest as a fun, hands-on way for children to learn a subject.  This quarter we will build a lapbook about animals to go along with our science curriculum! A lapbook is simply a file folder that has been opened and then the sides folded in towards the middle.  Information is presented inside in fun flipbooks or pockets.  It is a much more interactive way to learn than plain worksheets. Each week check back for more printables to go in your CSH Animals lapbook.

Review the memory work for science in week 1:

“A mammal is a warm-blooded vertebrate with hair. 

It gives live birth and produces milk for the young that it bears.” 

Listen to the song!


Week 1 Science Song

This week, discuss the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. Try to brainstorm a few of each if you can!  Print, cut out, and glue the Vertebrates and Invertebrates pictures into the middle inside of your lapbook.

Vertebrate and Invertebrate printable



Next Print the Mammals Flip Book (be sure to print two sided!).  It works best on cardstock.

Mammals Flipbook -Printable

Cut out on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.


Once folded, nest each page inside each other; the sentence “Mammals are vertebrates with hair. It gives live birth and produce milk” will show.


Staple twice across all three sheets on the dotted line above ‘Mammals’.


Add “Fur” to the hair page.  It doesn’t have to be real fur or hair- consider adding yarn, string, or even a black pipecleaner.  Really anything that will be fun to touch and that will remind children of hair will work.


Glue into the upper left corner of the lapbook.


Now your students can have fun reading about the characteristics of Mammals in a fun flip book.  Come back next week for more animal material to add to your CSH Animals Lapbook!



6 Comments on “Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook- Part 1

  1. I have printed out this mammal section and it doesn’t work. What exactly do I print double sided? Which page is on the back? Only the first page printed with dotted lines. Please help. Where do I find the vertebrates print out? It is not with the mammals booklet. Thank you.

    • Hi Laura,
      Click on the picture of the Vertebrates and Invertebrates inserts to open and print it. The mammal section is two pages. Print it on one piece of paper by printing on both sides (use the setting: flip along the long side). Both pages should have the dotted lines. If you have trouble printing it, try downloading it before printing it. Sometimes when printables are printed directly from your browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) the printables do not come out correctly.
      I hope this helps! Please email me know if you have any other questions at

    • Great! Yes, definitely print from your computer! I can never get things to print correctly from my phone or my tablet. Good to know it’s not just me!

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