Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook – Part 2

Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook – Part 2

Have your kids enjoyed flipping through their Mammals flipbook?  I bet by now they have the character traits of mammals memorized!  This week we will be adding Reptiles and Amphibians to their lapbook!

Review the science memory work for week 2:

“Amphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates, who lay eggs and have moist skin.

Reptiles are similar to amphibians but they have dry, scaly skin.”

Listen to the song!

Print the Reptiles and Amphibians Lapbook Printable (on cardstock if you have it!):

Reptiles and Amphibians Lapbook- Printable

The bigger box that says “Reptiles AND Amphibians”, shows the similarities between the two.  Then the two smaller boxes, “Amphibians have moist skin” and “Reptiles have dry scaly skin,” show the differences between the two.

Cut out the animals and around the bold lines on the boxes.  Glue the Reptiles and Amphibians Info Box on the left side of your lapbook, underneath the Mammals flipbook.  Glue on 3 sides only (sides and bottom edges) of the ‘Reptiles have dry scaly skin’ and ‘Amphibians have moist skin’ boxes.  This will allow them to become little pockets in which your students can sort and resort their Amphibians and Reptiles.  Glue these boxes to the bottom of the left side of your Lapbook Folder.


Once the glue has dried, discuss amphibians and reptiles with your students.  Can they name a few of each?  Then  have fun sorting the Amphibians and Reptiles into the correct pockets.  If your students think any of these animals look particularly interesting, take this as an opportunity to do extra research on them.  You can even write facts about each animal on the backs of the animal pictures as you learn about them. Feel free to find and print more amphibians and reptiles to sort!

Be sure to check back next week when we add  “Fish Facts” to our Lapbooks!


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