Catholic Schoolhouse- Water Geography Book! (Y1, W3)

This week students learn geography vocabulary about water features!

Listen to the song if you have the CD!



Supplies Needed:

1 sheet blue construction paper

1 sheet green construction paper

1 sheet (or 1/6 of a sheet really) of a different color paper

Staples or brads


  • For each geographic feature, we will make a page in our little book. The blue paper will represent water, and the green paper will represent land.  First, fold each the blue sheet and the green sheet into thirds.


  • Then unfold and fold in half the long ways.



  • Now you have handy lines to cut on!  You will use 4 blue 1/6 sheets  and 2 green 1/6 sheets for backgrounds.  The other ones you’ll use to cut out features.


  • Now either design your own island, lake, isthmus, bay, peninsula and strait, or use this printable template:

Water Geography- Printable

  • Cut out the island, isthmus, peninsula and strait pieces from your green paper, and your bay and lake from blue paper.


  • Glue the island, isthmus, peninsula and strait pieces each onto a blue 1/6 sheet, your isthmus and bay each on a green 1/6 sheet.  Label each page with the correct geography vocabulary.


  • Great! Now add a cover page with your name, and either staple or add brads to bind your book together!


Now that you have your book, find a globe or world map and see how many of these you can find on it!

Here are a few questions to help you in your geography search:  What is Florida?  What are the biggest lakes in North America? (How many are there?) What is between North America and South America? What is between Europe and Africa? What is Hawaii?  What is between Alaska and Russia?

Have fun ‘reading’ your geography book and singing the song this week!

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