Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook Part 4

Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook Part 4

Did your kids memorize some fun fish facts using their lapbooks this past week?  Today we’ll be adding a ‘Talking Bird’ to our lapbooks.  I know my kids love pop-up anything (cards, books, toys- really anything 3-d is cool to them!), and this bird is an easy pop-up that keeps kids entertained.

To start off the lapbook activity this week, review the science memory work:

“Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates and they hatch from eggs. 

They’re covered with scales and feathers and most of them like to fly.”

Then listen to the CD!

Print the Talking Bird Lapbook Printable:

Talking Bird Lapbook- Printable

Fold the paper along the bird’s line of symmetry.


Step 1

So now it should look like this:



Cut off the extra paper sticking out, so that you have two equal sized halves.  Then using your scissors, make a small slit where the bird’s mouth is. (See picture below!)


Bend his top and bottom beaks along the solid lines, back and forth to get a good crease.


Now unfold, and refold in half horizontally.


So it will look like this:

Great!  Still with me?  Fold it in half again, like it’s a greeting card.  As you fold it, use your finger or a pencil to ‘pop’ out the beaks. Once you have popped out the beaks, fold it all the way in half and crease it well.

Congratulations! You just made a ‘pop-up’ talking bird.  As you open and close the bird card, his mouth will open and close.  My daughter loves making this bird talk.  Luckily, he has a word bubble so you know what he’s saying!

Now have fun coloring your bird!  You can color the paper inside the bird’s mouth red, or draw something that birds eat like seeds, berries, worms or a small rodent since this guy is supposed to be an owl. Lastly, glue him into the upper right side of your lapbook making sure the bird card’s crease is aligned with your lapbook crease.  Now every time you open your lapbook, the bird will greet you with his talking mouth!



What did you think?  Wasn’t this a fun and easy way to make a pop-up?

You can also make more pop-up birds, by following these same steps with a blank piece of paper and drawing your own bird around the opening and closing beak.

Thanks for sticking with me this far!  Make sure you come back next week because you won’t want to miss next week’s lapbook addition for insects!


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