Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook- Part 6

Catholic Schoolhouse Animals Lapbook- Part 6

I hope you all have enjoyed constructing this lapbook with me.  This is the last week of animal lapbook fun.  But I saved some interesting invertebrates for you!

You got it this time- review the memory work!

“There are also other invertebrates: crustaceans, mollusks, sponges,

worms and corals, jellyfish and arachnids.”

Listen to the CD (You could just listen to all 6 of the Animals tracks for review as you complete this lapbook activity!)

Print the Invertebrates Lapbook Printable:

Invertebrates Lapbook- Printable

Cut out along the outside rectangle, and then fold back and forth.


Glue these into the last little bit of space you have in your lapbook:


When you’re ready to learn about these fun invertebrates, just unfold them upwards!


What do you think? Pretty cool lapbook… on the inside!  Lets finish it by adding a nice cover and making it something we can store in a 3-ring binder!

Print the Lapbook Cover Printable:

Animals Lapbook Cover-Printable

Now Flip over your lapbook, and glue the cover onto half of the cover. (I chose to do the left side first, but it really doesn’t matter)

Flip over, and use the edge of the file folder as a guide for cutting, to cut the cover in half.



Glue the other half of the cover to the other side of the lapbook cover.  It should look like this when it’s folded:


To make it 3-hole-punch-able. Take some clear packaging tape, and tape the left edge making sure you leave about 1/2 to 3/4 inch where the tape just sticks to itself.  See the picture:

Now you can 3-hole punch it through the tape, and add it to your science binder (although I doubt it will stay there long!)


Yay! I hope you and your kids enjoyed building this Animals Lapbook, and that it helps them learn the different types of animals and their characteristics!  Let me know if you would like to see more lapbooks like this one in the future!




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