Southeastern States Lapbook Part 2

Southeastern States Lapbook Part 2

Welcome back!  Have your students learned the southeast states and capitals yet?  This week I’ve made some great flip pages for the southeast features listed in the Year 1 Tour guide!

Print the southeast state features flip pages  2 sided (flip along the LONG side of the paper).

Geography SE States week 8 printable

Cut out along the outside of each flip book, and fold on the solid lines. Each of the mountain ranges are a tri-fold flip out, so fold on the two solid lines to fold the outside flaps inward, with the name of the mountain range on the outside.

Glue these into the lapbook middle section around your southeast states map.  They can go in any place or order you want.  You can see below how I did it.

southeast states lapbook

Have fun reading the fun facts about each southeastern feature and looking at the pictures!

Southeast states lapbook

I recommend putting the Florida Keys flip book at the bottom of Florida- that way it’s like a continuation of the map!

Southeast states lapbook

Print the cover for you lapbook:

Geography Weeks 7and8 Lapbook Cover printable

Glue it to the front of the two side flaps.  (I glue the page to one side, then use the edge of the file folder as a guide to cut on).

IMG_20140826_084217396 (1024x695)

IMG_20140826_084316107 (1024x880)

Then to make it fit into your Geography 3 ring binder, use some packing tape.  Run the packing tape down the outside of the left side of the Lapbook.  Fold it over onto itself, so that about 1/2 of tape is sticking to itself, and the rest to the lapbook.  Hole punch through the tape and store in your binder!

IMG_20140826_084542930 (1024x932)

Alternatively, Walmart and Target are selling fun duct tape.  If you want to give it a little more personality you can use whatever crazy duct tape you like.  We went with some alien duct tape- which has nothing to do with Geography, but still adds some fun to the project.

IMG_20140826_085234337 (1024x1022)

Now, if your map is unlaminated, you can label the southeast features on it.  You can either draw lines from the flip-out to where that feature is on the map, or draw symbols on the map and label the feature.  If you laminated or contact paper covered your map, your students can quiz themselves on where the features are with a dry erase marker.  Using the southeast map in the middle for labeling can be a great tool to help your kinesthetic learners memorize the states, capitals and feature locations.

I hope this lapbook was fun to build and read!  I am planning to have a lapbook for each of the regions of the US as we go through them in Year 1, so be sure to check the blog in the future for more lapbook fun!

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